Current Student Advising

The Faculty of Health Sciences provides academic advising and assistance regarding program planning, course selection and sequencing, and Academic Regulations for current students. Students are responsible for the accuracy of their own programs and should have a program check completed by an Academic Advisor during their final year of studies. 

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Resources for current students

Program Planning Guides (PPGs)  

Frequently Asked Questions



It is your responsibility to take ownership of academic decisions, course selections, and completion of degree requirements. Our academic advisors are here to help guide you.

Preparing for your Academic Advising appointment

  1. Review and update your Program Planning Guide (PPG)
  2. Ensure your tuition is paid and that you have no holds on your account so you can register in courses
  3. Take the time to pick out courses that interest you
  4. Check course prerequisites and liberal education list designations
  5. Consult important dates and deadlines
  6. Review the Academic Calendar for graduation requirements and limits
  7. Write down questions to ask the advisor (and take notes during your appointment so you can refer back to them!)
Before reaching out to an academic advisor, see if your question is answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Book an Appointment with an Advisor

BHSc / BTR Academic Advising

Janelle Fyfe
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Aboriginal Health, Addictions Counselling, Public Health)
Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation

Nursing Academic Advising

Sherry Hogeweide
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Nursing After Degree

Calgary Campus Academic Advising

Spencer Simkin
Jessica Jones

Advising for Health Sciences students located on the Calgary Campus

Graduate Academic Advising

Tammy Rogness
Graduate Certificates & Diplomas
Master's (MSc Health Sciences; Master of Nursing)
PhD (Population Studies in Health)