Student Advising

Academic Advising Hours

Academic Advising will be available for online or telephone appointments Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays

Academic Advisors will still be available via email Monday through Friday

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge provides academic advising regarding:

  • program planning
  • course selection
  • course sequencing
  • explanation of Academic Regulations
  • assistance with course Add/Drops
  • assistance with course Withdrawals
  • assistance with program changes
  • prerequisite waivers

Students are strongly encouraged to keep their Program Planning Guides up-to-date by keeping track of courses that have been completed towards their programs.

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their own programs and should have a program check completed by an Academic Advisor during their final year of studies.

Frequently Asked QuestionsImportant Forms

Before reaching out to an academic advisor, see if your question is answered below or in our FAQ

Students who possess academic or work experience that provides much of the background acquired in a course prerequisite may seek permission from the Faculty of Health Sciences to waive the prerequisite. Students must complete this form to be considered for a prerequisite wavier for courses only in the following subjects:

  • Aboriginal Health (ABHL)
  • Addictions Counselling (ADCS)
  • Health Sciences (HLSC)
  • Public Health (PUBH)
  • Therapeutic Recreation (TREC)

Complete the form here.

A WC designation is a ‘Withdrawal with Cause’ record on your transcript which indicates a course withdrawal in case of serious illness or extenuating circumstances. Read more about WC procedures in the Faculty of Health Sciences here

An Independent Study is a course for which credit is earned through individual study under the supervision of an instructor. Read the policies and regulations specific to the Faculty of Health Sciences here.

All students with a Calendar Year of 2018 or later have access to minors offered across the University (refer to the Academic Calendar).

- Access to courses to fulfill minor requirements is not guaranteed.
- Courses will not be overfilled to accommodate students wishing to fulfill minor requirements.
- Course substitutions are not allowed.
- Completing a minor may require taking courses above the minimum degree requirements.

Click here to read more about the minors offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Registrar's Office Timetable Search allows you to search sections of courses offered at the University of Lethbridge. Search the timetable here.

All students are bound by the academic regulations and policies contained in the current University of Lethbridge Calendar. Current and previous Calendars can be found here.

The University’s Academic Schedule defines the academic year terms and sessions as well as other important dates and deadlines for the institution. This includes holiday dates, deadlines for fees payments, adding and dropping courses, application for graduation, and other important related information. See the Academic Schedule here.

Your Program Planning Guide outlines the courses required to complete your program, along with a course sequencing plan. Keep your Program Planning Guide up to date and refer to it frequently for course registration and general program planning. Make sure to follow the program planning guide for your calendar year. See current and previous Program Planning Guides here.

See the Transfer Course Database here.

Preparing to Meet with an Academic Advisor

1. Review and update your Program Planning Guide (PPG)

2. Ensure your tuition is paid and that you have no holds on your account so you can register in courses

3. Take the time to pick out courses that interest you

4. Check course prerequisites and liberal education list designations

5. Consult important dates and deadlines

6. Review the Academic Calendar for graduation requirements and limits

7. Write down questions to ask the advisor prior to your appointment (and take notes during your appointment so you can refer back to them!)

It is your responsibility to take ownership of academic decisions, course selections, and completion of degree requirements. Our academic advisors are here to help guide you.

Sherry Hogeweide - Nursing Advisor

Tara Froehlich - Health Sciences Advisor

Tammy Rogness - Graduate Advisor

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