Education beyond the classroom


As Alberta's Destination University, ULethbridge offers opportunities to think, create and explore, providing a post-secondary experience unlike any other.

Find flexibility in research and learning, while exploring a variety of opportunities to take your education and experience beyond the classroom. Get involved in projects and programs that promote community engagement, and provide you with the opportunity to combine your in-depth knowledge with a breadth of practical experience.


"Lean into the excitement of the unknown! It's terrifying to start university, especially if you have just completed high school. However, if there's anything I have learned, it is that you never know what's going to happen, both good and bad, but that's just life, isn't it? Might as well be excited about not knowing what's right around the corner, it keeps life interesting."

- Hana Hubley (BMus '23)

Fine Arts Opportunities



Audition to participate in upcoming Faculty of Fine Arts and student-run performances projects, ensembles and courses that require an audition.

Showcase your Work

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