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DELF Spring 2023.
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Speaking component: Saturday,March 18 (Markin Hall)

General Public and Post-Secondary Students Testing Date Time Location Registrations 
DELF A1 (1h20 + oral exam: 10 min) March 6 10am TH143 Jan.25-Febr.28
DELF A2 (1h40 + oral exam: 15 min) March 7 10am TH143 Jan.25-Febr.28
DELF B1 (1h55 + oral exam: 20 min) March 8 10am  TH143
DELF B2 (2h30 + oral exam: 50 min) March 9 10am TH143 Jan.25-Febr.28




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Campus Map

Speaking component: Saturday, May 6  (Markin Hall).

Students From Age 11 Testing Date Time Locations  Registrations
DELF A1 April 27 10am TH143 March13-April17
DELF A2 April 26 10am TH143 March13-April17
DELF B1 April 25 10am TH143 March13-April17
DELF B2 April 24 10am TH143 March13-April17


The TCF-Canada (Test de Connaissance du Français) is a French language proficiency test that meets the standards of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). TCF-Canada results are accepted for the purposes of economic immigration or for obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Dates: will be announced soon.

This test is to evaluate students in the Education program who want to teach French in a French Immersion program. Next test: January 13. Please contact Francine.young@uleth.ca