Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

In addition to the Financial Awards that are available to all University of Lethbridge students, the following are of particular interest to students in the Department of  Modern Languages & Linguistics.

For more information, please contact the Scholarships and Student Finance Office. Applications are required for most awards.


  • Louis Sherman Turcotte Memorial Travel Scholarship (for off-campus studies, preferably abroad)
  • Paul Bath Memorial Travel Bursary (for Hokkai-Gakkuen exchange students)
  • Sven Ericksen Citizenship Scholarship (for programs with strong Canadian emphasis)
  • E. Gertrud Hesse Memorial Bursary (for demonstrated interest in the Humanities)
  • Students' Union Placement Bursary (for programs requiring relocation)
  • Ruby I. Larson French Language Scholarship (for French students)
  • Jean-Pierre Ascione Book Prize in French Literature (for French students)
  • Prize of the Ambassador of Switzerland to Canada (for French students)