International Recognition of French Proficiency

• Life-long certification, whether obtained in the candidate`s country or another country
• Based on the same international standard used in 164 countries. See Common European Framework (CEFR)
• Facilitates interprovincial dialogue across Canada

A Testimonial To One's Success in Learning French

• Recognition of the candidate's accomplishments to date on the path to French proficiency. See Diplomas
• Represents an official document, recognized internationally, that enriches the candidate`s school or professional portfolio

Advantages for Postsecondary Education

• Recognized internationally by francophone postsecondary institutions, including a growing number in Canada
• Acceptance into a university in France (B2 or higher level). See Competency Levels 

Enhance Your Resume

• A description in meaningful terms what the candidate is capable of doing in French
• Helps to open doors to a wide range of career and recreational opportunities throughout Canada and around the world
• An aid for professional advancement