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Studying languages is about far more than just learning how to communicate in another language. It’s about exploring other identities and values through language, literature, history and culture in a global community.

Modern Languages will help you go places… literally! Studying languages opens up a world of possibilities in today's globalized context. The Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics offers instruction in: French, Japanese, Spanish and Linguistics. Graduates from the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics are working in areas such as: education, speech pathology, travel, government, technology, translation/interpretation, industry and business. Small class sizes and a collegial atmosphere ensure close interaction with peers and professors in courses on language, linguistics, literature, cinema, culture and civilization. Opportunities abound for study and travel in such places as Quebec, France, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Japan.

Department Highlights

Dr. Luz Janeth Ospina - Long Service Award (15 years)

Please join the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics along with the University of Lethbridge in celebrating Dr. Luz Janeth Ospina for her many years of service and teaching.  Luz Janeth was presented with a Long Service Award for her 15 years with the University at the Long Service Award Ceremony on Wednesday, May 3rd.  

Thank you for the wealth of experience and warmth that you bring to the Department and to the classroom, Luz Janeth.  Here's to 15 more wonderful years!

Please follow the link below to watch a video of several award recipients, including Luz Janeth, sharing what being a part of the University community means to them.  

New Course Offering Fall 2023 - FREN3600/MODL3850

New Topics Course - Fall 2023

FREN 3600A / MODL 3850A

Science Fiction (1532-1869): French Origins of the Multiverse (CRN30606)

There are a host of Francophone authors engaged in shaping Science Fiction, propelling it to new heights, unlocking strange dimensions and exploring the endless possibilities that such a form of uninhibited fiction demands. Most recognize Jules Verne as the grandfather of Science Fiction in any language. In this course, Verne and the 19th century will serve as the end point as we explore those who dared consider the unimaginable, looking beyond the known universe as early as the 16th century.

Please note: This course will be conducted in ENGLISH. Students enrolled in MODL3850 will read and write in English. Students enrolled in FREN3600 may read in English or French, but must write in French.

Room B756 (University Hall)
Instructor: Dr. Tabitha Spagnolo

French Language Centre

The French Language Centre (FLC) is housed within the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics and is dedicated to francophone outreach in Lethbridge and throughout Southern Alberta while serving as an accredited French Language Proficiency Testing Centre.  Twice a year, we offer DELF-DALF French Language tests to the general public and to students from age 11 until the end of high school here in Lethbridge and in Medicine Hat.

The FLC is a Canadian Official Languages Education Protocol (COLEP) sponsored project that has existed in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics since 2009. The Centre principally offers students and the greater public the opportunity to sit DELF-DALF French Competency exams, as set out by the CIEP in France. The cost of exams is subsidized by FLC, which also offers potential candidates orientation and preparation sessions.

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