Located in W-550 and B-515, our language labs are used for teaching classes of up to thirty-two students. Since both audio labs are digital, the sound files created during the session may be saved as mp3 files to a USB drive or to your personal file space (P drive).

A few quick GUIDELINES for the use of the Modern Languages labs:

  1. Access to W-550 is only available at scheduled class times. There is no drop-in access.
  2. B-515 may be used outside of class times whenever the proctors have opened it for general use.
  3. The purpose of all lab classes is language practice, not web-surfing or emailing.
  4. No food or drink may be consumed in either room.
  5. As always, please remember to log out at the end of class.
  6. If, at the start of each class, you suspect a problem with your machine, move to another if there is one spare.
  7. Logging in is necessary before you can use any lab computer. The procedure is the same as in other campus labs. If you have difficulties logging in, check that you have not inserted a space at the beginning or end of either your username or password. If you still cannot log in, go and see a proctor.
  8. The volume on your headset is adjustable using the normal Windows volume control on your machine and cannot be adjusted by the instructor. Left click on the loudspeaker icon in the tray at the bottom right of your screen to adjust the overall volume. Right click on it to open the set of controls. The media assistant audio uses the "Line-in" audio channel, and that control needs to be at around the mid point. If you hear a strong background hum, the reason might be that the Line-in balance is set too low.