Why study Spanish?

Interested in travelling and/or working in Latin America, Spain or the United States? Want to gain a skill that will enrich your world and open up greater job opportunities? Discover a new world – study Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.  There are over 400 million native speakers and millions more non-native speakers. Spanish is the de facto second language of the United States, where over 40 million people, around 14% of the population, are native speakers of Spanish. In Canada, Spanish is the fifth most spoken language. Students who study Spanish will acquire a strong working knowledge of Spanish and learn about the historical and cultural heritage that characterizes the modern Spanish speaking world.

The Spanish speaking demographic has grown rapidly in Alberta, but so has business between Canadian companies and Latin America, which has led to a demand for employees who can do business with Spanish speaking clients both here and abroad. This includes fields like media, banking, government service, foreign affairs, non-government organizations, research, ESL teaching and many others. More broadly, companies in our global economic environment are increasingly looking for employees with a second or third language, and who have backgrounds that allow them to interact effectively with other cultures.  

What will you learn?

In language classes you will focus on gaining speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiencies. You will also learn about how language and culture interact, so that you will be equipped to speak and act appropriately in a given situation.

In culture and literature courses you will be equipped to interact with people in the Spanish speaking world because you will better understand the histories, stories and landscapes that inform who they are.

Our class sizes are relatively small compared to other universities, which allows us to cultivate a friendly atmosphere and give each student more attention.

What is offered?

You can take a combined Spanish/French major or you can do a Spanish Minor as an adjunct to any major in the BA, BSc or BASc degree programs. Speak with an Academic Advisor to learn more.

You may begin a Spanish with some knowledge of Spanish or none at all. A placement test may be required for those with prior knowledge of Spanish, to help place you at the right level please complete and submit a Spanish Student Information Form.  If you have specific questions regarding placement, please contact the Current Placement Coordinator.