Off-Campus Work and Study Opportunities


Every year, many of our students take advantage of work and study opportunities off-campus. If you are interested in any of the following programs (or others), please see the appropriate Off-Campus Coordinator. Since many programs have early deadlines, this should be done as soon as possible.

General information:

Opportunities in Canada:

Various opportunities with the Federal government:

Several options: Senate Program; Parliamentary Guide Program, Student Work Program with Library of Parliament and Parliamentary Internship Program.

Application forms for the recruitment campaign are available here. Please note that the deadline for applications to work as a Parliamentary Guide in the fall is generally the end of January. To qualify, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be a full time student at a recognized university and provide proof of registration;
  • Be available for full-time employment starting in September;
  • Be able to answer a variety of questions on the spot and with ease in French and English.
  • For information about the program contact your University Student Placement centre or:

Library of Parliament Information Service
125 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A9
Tel.: (613) 992-4793

For up-to-date information visit Parliament of Canada Youth Programs or Parliamentary Internship

Opportunities Abroad


For additional information on the following programs, please consult the Japanese 1st-year Coordinator in the Department of Modern Languages.

  1. Student Exchange Program with Hokkai-Gakuen University
    A student summer exchange program with Hokkai-Gakuen University in Sapporo, Japan, started in 1986. Fifteen to twenty U of L students go to Hokkai-Gakuen one year, then fifteen to twenty Hokkai-Gakuen students come to U of L the next. Participants from U of L take Japanese-language and Japan-related courses at Hokkai-Gakuen for one month in the summer, and receive three credits.

  2. The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
    A program for recent university grads with a Bachelor's degree. Participants may find work teaching English or assisting in local Japanese government. The exchange period is normally one year, but it may be extended. Reap the life-long benefits of living and learning in Japan: adventure, friendship, and first-hand knowledge of one of the world's most vibrant cultures. For more information, contact the Consulate General of Japan.

  3. The Study-Tour Award for Outstanding Foreign Students of the Japanese Language
    Offered every year by the Japan Foundation for the purpose of promoting understanding of the Japanese society and culture among foreign Japanese-language students. For more information, contact the Consulate General of Japan in Edmonton at (403) 423-4750.

The Assistants get a grant in Spain to provide support to the English or French teachers in language and culture classes and also have the opportunity to learn about the Spanish language and culture and use their experience upon their return to the United States or Canada, thus developing cultural understanding between the citizens of Spain and the United States of America and Canada.

To be considered as a candidate you need to:

  • Be a graduate, junior or senior College student
  • Hold U.S./Canadian citizenship
  • Have English/French as your mother tongue

For more information, click here.