French Language Centre

The French Language Centre (FLC) is housed within the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics and is dedicated to francophone outreach in Lethbridge and throughout Southern Alberta while serving as an accredited French Language Proficiency Testing Centre.  Twice a year, we offer DELF-DALF French Language tests to the general public and to students from age 11 until the end of high school here in Lethbridge and in Medicine Hat.

The FLC is a Canadian Official Languages Education Protocol (COLEP) sponsored project that has existed in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics since 2009. The Centre principally offers students and the greater public the opportunity to sit DELF-DALF French Competency exams, as set out by the CIEP in France. The cost of exams is subsidized by FLC, which also offers potential candidates orientation and preparation sessions.

Upon completion of a DELF exam, students will receive a diploma from the National Ministry of Education in France attesting to their language proficiency.  Levels range from A1 (beginner), A2, B1 (intermediate), B2, C1 (advanced) all the way to C2.

While the DELF-DALF tests are the focus of the FLC, we also organize a French Film Week and collaborated on various other French-related projects both on campus and in the greater community.

Keep an eye on the notice board for activities sponsored or organized by the French Language Centre.