Modern Languages & Linguistics Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

Tabitha Spagnolo (French)

Department Chair
Associate Professor
French Placement Coordinator
Assistant Director, French Language Centre
Office: B546 (UHall) 
(403) 329-2420

Mélanie Collado (French)

Associate Professor
French Off Campus Coordinator
Assistant Director, French Language Centre
Office: B534 (UHall) 
(403) 329-5175

Brent Devos (Spanish)

Assistant Professor
Office: B596 (UHall) 
(403) 380-1857

Inge Genee

Inge Genee (Linguistics)

Linguistics Section Coordinator
Office: C508 (UHall) 
(403) 380-1809

Beth Gerwin

Beth Gerwin (French)

Associate Professor
Office: B536 (UHall) 
(403) 332-4572

Abby McMeekin

Abigail McMeekin (Japanese)

Associate Professor
Japanese Section Coordinator
Office: B532 (UHall) 
(403) 329-2722

Luz Janeth Ospina, PhD (Spanish/Linguistics)

Spanish Off Campus Coordinator
Office: C506 (UHall) 
(403) 317-2865


Omar Rodríguez (Spanish)

Associate Professor 
Spanish Section and Placement Coordinator
Office: B544 (UHall) 
(403) 332-5296

Alain Flaubert Takam (French/Linguistics)

Associate Professor
French Section Coordinator
Office: C552 (UHall) 
(403) 329-2561

Steven Urquhart

Steven Urquhart (French)

Associate Professor
Director, French Language Centre
Office: B538 (UHall) 
(403) 329-2564

Sessional Instructors (2022/23)

Steffi Dudley

Sessional Instructor

Tomoko Greenshields (Japanese)

Sessional Instructor
Office: B594 (UHall) 
(403) 317-2899

Nanda Stannard

Sessional Instructor
Office: L1157D (LINC)
(403) 329-2083

Francine Young (French)

Sessional Instructor
Coordinator, French Language Centre 
Office: B542 (UHall) 
(403) 329-2338

Retired Faculty

Raquel Trillia (Spanish)

Tim Pope (German/French)

Barbara Dickinson (French)