The Department offers a major in History for the 40-course Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree programs, as well as a 6-course minor.

You can also opt for History as your BA major for the Combined BA/BEd or BA/BMgt programs.

Alternatively, you can choose to do a General Major in the Humanities and select History as one of your three streams.

The Department  of History & Relition works closely with the  Asian Studies program, the Centre for Oral History & Tradition, and the Institute for Child & Youth Studies.

For more information, make an appointment with History's Undergraduate Advisor, see your Program Planning Guide , or speak to an Academic Advisor.

Graduate Studies:

The University of Lethbridge recognizes the importance of quality graduate education for students and offers graduate degrees in diverse disciplines. Within the Department of History this includes:

To Learn more, visit Graduate Studies.