HistoriCity Award Winners

The following students have demonstrated excellence in writing about historical research re: City of Lethbridge and the University of Lethbridge.


1st Prize:  Anna Entz:  "'Are the Hutterites to be Permitted to Acquire all of Southern Alberta?' Discrimination and Hostility Faced by Albertan Hutterites During the 1940” 

2nd Prize: Josh Slujimers:  "Economic Development and Changes during the First World War Within the Province of Alberta and the City of Lethbridge"


1st Prize:  Shelby Job: "Anti-Japanese Sentiment Evolves to the Beginning of Acceptance: Japanese Evacuees in Southern Alberta During WWII.”

2nd Prize:  Erin McRae: “Learning from Place: Nanton Alberta.”


1st Prize: Kainaiwa Beadwork Research Paper by Kalli Eagle Speaker

2nd Prize: The Roxy Theatre by Meagan Lahoda



1st Prize:  'Red' Blairmore: The Role of Social Conditions and Unions in Shaping Political Perspectives (... and Tim Buck, too) by Hanna Fantin

2nd Prize:  Lethbridge and the Crusade of the First World War by Dawn Kinney


1st Prize:  The Lethbridge Public Library: A Century in the Making by Ryley Gelinas

2nd Prize:  Local Government in Lethbridge: How a 1927 Plebiscite has shaped a City's Politics, Management, and Administration by Shannon Rawluk


1st Prize:  Pronghorn Swimming or Lethbridge Swimming:  Charting the Relationship of the University of Lethbridge Swim Team and the Lethbridge Community  by Scott Hunter

2nd Prize:  Shifting Towards Inclusion: The University of Lethbridge and its Coat of Arms by Shelby Forster


1st Prize: Voices of War: The 1918 Field Diaries of Lieut. A. G. Virtue and Lieut. D. S. Macpherson by Caitlin Ratcliffe

2nd Prize: The Deep-Rooted Effects of the Great Depression and Unemployment of Alberta Education between 1930-1935 by Robyn Pugh


1st Prize: A Peculiar People: Public Relations with Hutterites in Southern Alberta, 1918-1945 by Naomi Entz

2nd Prize: Bannish the Bar! Temperance Campaigns in Southern Alberta, late 1800s - Early 1900s by Riane McCallum


1st Prize: Chinese Huaqiao: Sojourners or Overseas Chinese? by Allan Chiem

2nd Prize: Life Behind the Wire: German POW Camps in Southern Alberta During WWII by Kaylee Bowie


1st Prize: Jazz in Canada: A Regional Look at a Limited Supply by Johannah Wirzba

2nd Prize: Lethbridge/Canadian: Analyzing Canadian Architectural Styles and Examples of them in Lethbridge by Craig Boehmer