Below is a list of professors in the History Department currently accepting Graduate Students.  

Kristine Alexander specializes in the history of children and youth; British imperial history; Canadian social and cultural history; gender history; the history of the emotions; and the history of the First World War.

Chris Burton specializes in the History of Russia and the Soviet Union, Modern European History, Welfare States, Environmental History, History of Medicine

Chris Epplett specializes in the Ancient military and social history; the Hellenistic world and later Roman Empire; Gladiatorial combat in the ancient world 

David Hay specializes in the history of warfare and violence; women and gender in the Middle Ages; Medieval military theory and theology; the Crusades; social violence and masculinity

Lynn Kennedy specializes in the Southern United States before the Civil War; the link between domestic relationships and broader social and political structures

Sheila McManus specializes in the history of the borderlands of the North American West; race, gender, and sexuality in the West; Indigenous histories of the West

Janay Nugent specializes in the history of the Reformation; Scottish history; history of witchcraft

Amy Shaw specializes in the history of Canadian participation in the Anglo-Boer War and World War I; the experiences of women and girls during the Second World War.

Carol Williams specializes in the history of Colonial to Modern United States; women’s History; Native American women’s history; Feminist and Gender Studies; Oral history; documentary photography and film