Elaine Toth | MA History

Elaine Toth


“The journey is everything. - Virginia Woolf ... Try to remember that, even on the bad days.”

Favourite Class: Any and all history classes
Favourite Social Activity: Attending Mainstage and TheatreXtra Productions with my sister
Favourite Study Spot: Home office

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Presenting at conferences in the UK, Quebec and Ontario
  • Graduate Assistant with the Centre for Oral History and Tradition under the supervision of Dr. Heidi MacDonald, Dr. Carol Williams, Dr. Jenna Bailey
  • Graduate Assistant with the Institute for Child and Youth Studies under the leadership of Dr. Kristine Alexander
  • Research Assistant with the Nikkei Memory Capture Project led by Dr. Carly Adams and Dr. Darren Aoki
  • Opportunity to pursue a master's degree in history under the supervision of Dr. Amy Shaw