Liam Devitt | History



“Read! Read constantly! Never stop! Do not just the readings for class but follow your academic passion and delve into texts that will help you throughout your degree.”

Favourite Class: Either Britain and the First World War or Human Rights and Political Economies 
Favourite Social Activity: Coffee with friends in between classes
Favourite Study Spot: This year, it seems to be the Science Commons’ atrium!

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Winning the Chinook Summer Research Award to do research on the history of the Model U.N. in Canada with Dr. Kristine Alexander during the summer of 2019

  • Working with the Institute for Child and Youth Studies (I-CYS) as an undergraduate affiliate

  • An applied study that allowed me to work with the Galt Museum and Archives on a trail-blazing exhibit on queer history in Southwestern Alberta

  • Travelling to Toronto and London, England to present at queer history and childhood studies conferences on the exhibit at the Galt and other queer history research I had undertaken with another student

  • Absolutely supportive and encouraging professors in the Departments of History and Women & Gender Studies, as well as I-CYS who have provided me with opportunities and connections I never could have dreamed of