Michelle Snidal | Political Science / History

Michelle Snidal


“Never be afraid to ask questions or talk to people. Most of the students are in the exact same spot as each other--stressed, afraid, a little insecure--but just talking to people makes university that more fun. You may not be best friends with everyone you meet, but seeing people that you know and can connect with about inane stuff makes you feel like a part of something bigger.”

Favourite Class: Historiography
Favourite Social Activity: Coffee with friends between classes
Favourite Study Spot: Library, Level 9

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I was chosen to take a Master’s level class during my undergraduate. It was honestly really fun and it showed me that I wanted to take my Master’s after I graduate
  • All the clubs I joined helped me meet new people and establish a great group of friends that I’m really lucky to have
  • All of my amazing professors made my undergrad so much fun! I have too many favourite professors who are so supportive that it made class registration very hard!
  • The community events that the U of L hosts allows students to expand beyond our campus. The annual Arches fundraiser is always a lot of fun, raises money for a great organization, and spreads awareness throughout the campus
  • The Campus Coffee Company