Prerequisites & Waivers

Courses have prerequisites  to help ensure you have the necessary background to succeed in the course.

If you feel you have the background to take the course without having the listed prequisites you may be able to receive a prerequisite waiver in some instances. 


To  request a prerequisite waiver you must talk directly to the instructor of the course in which  you wish to enrol. If they agree to allow you to enrol in the course they will help you fill out a waiver form.
In filling out the Rationale you should briefly indicate the background qualifications that will allow you to succeed in the class without the prerequisite. (An interest in the course or needing the course to graduate are not in themselves rationales for a waiver).

The prerequiste form should then be sent to the Department's Administrative Assistant for circulation for signatures. If the waiver is approved it will be submitted to A&S Advising, (or it will be returned to you if additional information is required or it is not approved).

** Please note, waivers for History 1000/1200  will only be granted in extraordinary circumstances.**

**We strongly recommend all History Majors take Hist2222 as early as possible since it is a prerequisite for all 4th year courses.**