2018/19 Shining Students

Behroo Shining Student


“Don’t be shy to get involved in research while being an undergrad. Make sure you understand the theory behind your project well.”

Favourite Class: Brain and Behaviour
Favourite Social Activity: CCBN Open House
Favourite Study Spot: CCBN

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I found my passion for neuroscience research through independent study courses
  • Grateful to my supervisors Dr. Mohajerani and Prof. Whishaw for giving me the opportunity to shine
  • Enjoyed being a Graduate Assistant for neuroscience and kinesiology courses
  • Learned about the optogenetic technique and how fascinating it is to manipulate the brain with light
  • Developed great friends throughout my Master’s
Bryden Shining Student


“Don’t limit your options, always remain open-minded and willing to accept challenges. Sometimes the route you end up taking is much different than the route you initially planned to take.”

Favourite Class: Animal Physiology
Favourite Social Activity: Studying with friends
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Joined the Co-operative Education program during my first year at the U of L
  • During my first co-op work term, I was included as a co-author on a published research article
  • During my second co-op work term, I was the main author for a comprehensive literature review written for Agriculture Canada
  • Volunteer as a Naturalist at the Helen Schuler Nature Center
  • Volunteer as a Co-op Ambassador for the Career Bridge office
Claire Niehaus Shining Student


“Get involved and take control of your university experience. Coming to university can be incredibly intimidating but be assured, everyone is just as nervous as you are! Step out of your comfort zone and join a club, pursue a class you find personally interesting and reach out to other like-minded students. University is a place that fosters both academic and social advancement and you get to be an active part of that. Take advantage or every opportunity presented to you, work hard, and try to find the best in every day.”

Favourite Class: Research Methods in Neuroscience
Favourite Social Activity: Fresh Fest
Favourite Study Spot: Library, 9th Floor

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Independent studies are an incredible opportunity to dip your toes in the world of student research and contribute to significant scientific advancements led by leading researchers in their field
  • Summer Student Research work terms have allowed me the opportunity to explore and pursue my interest in scientific research and further my research potential
  • Honours Thesis: This course allows students the opportunity to work independently on a research project under the supervision of a professor and will allow me to advance my research capabilities and critical reasoning
  • Volunteering with Let’s Talk Science has been an incredible opportunity to share my love of science with others through outreach and bringing science experiments into classrooms and to community events in Lethbridge and the surrounding area
  • Undergraduate Presentation Experience: The University of Lethbridge provides immense opportunities for students participating in research to share their learning and accomplishments through undergraduate conferences hosted at the university as well as encouraging and accommodating students attending conferences throughout the province. The opportunity to converse with and learn from peers both in my discipline and in other disciplines is a great asset in my academic future
Cody Barnson Shining Student


“Get involved early! Co-op work terms, relevant part/full-time work, volunteer, research studies, short-term contracts, local U of L clubs, etc. anything you can do to gain experience in your field of study. Reach out to professors and peers in your department. If your heart’s not in it, change direction. Have a plan!”

Favourite Class: Practical Problem-Solving in Computer Science
Favourite Social Activity: Competitive Programming Contests
Favourite Study Spot: Computer Science Lab

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I changed major designation several times until I found my passion
  • Competitive Programming Club (ACM-ICPC)
  • Co-operative Education
  • Hands-on learning
  • Friends and colleagues
Daniel Rocca Shining Student


“Talk to your professors and to the applied studies office about becoming involved in applied/independent studies. These are great ways to gain practical experience but they are student-initiated, so many students do not take advantage of these opportunities until later in their degrees.”

Favourite Class: Proteins, Enzymes and Nucleic Acids
Favourite Social Activity: Humans vs Zombies 2016
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Incredible opportunities for research experience
  • Plenty of clubs to join
  • Professors often collaborate to increase breadth of information covered in classes
  • Co-op terms are very flexible, allowing me to turn pre-existing jobs into co-op work terms
  • Co-ops and applied studies give relevant skill to succeed in classes
Darren Van Essen Shining Student


“Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available to you from your professors. Follow your interests and don’t be afraid to be inquisitive!”

Favourite Class: Organic Chemistry II
Favourite Social Activity: Getting coffee with friends
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • It has been an eye-opening experience to scientific research as part of the Research Internship Concentration
  • Meeting interesting people from various places, various disciplines, various backgrounds, and sharing stories about individual experiences
  • Working in the Shultz lab after receiving an NSERC undergraduate award
  • Taking many different types of classes and learning about various disciplines
  • The expansive opportunities to contribute to scientific research as an undergraduate student

Read more about Darren's uLethbridge experience: With Empathy, Diligence & Drive, Three Alumni Follow their Passion to Medical School

David McWatters Shining Student


“Never be afraid to ask questions. Ask about things being taught in lectures, about the research you are doing in the lab, or about anything you find yourself thinking. The more you understand about even seemingly trivial things can lead to incredible insight, and you will almost certainly get more out of any experience for it.”

Favourite Class: RNA Biology
Favourite Social Activity: Game Nights
Favourite Study Spot: The Lab

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Helping to engage new undergraduate students in independent research through the Research Internship Concentration
  • Presenting research at a conference in Kyoto, Japan
  • Acting as the Biology Graduate Student representative
  • Being able to collaborate and share ideas with other labs through ARRTI
  • The direct and personal interaction with professors for each of the departments I am associated with
Douglas Turnbull Shining Student


“Take as many interesting and unique classes outside of your major as possible. Talk to your professors and do independent studies. Fully embrace the liberal education afforded to you!”

Favourite Class: Group Theory
Favourite Social Activity: Let's Do Science Day!
Favourite Study Spot: Just outside the examination room, minutes before the exam

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Graduated with a BSc Chemistry and received the Governor General’s Silver Medal in 2015
  • Completed an Honour’s Thesis studying highly reactive tungsten compounds
  • Have presented research at national and international conferences (and even won awards!)
  • Volunteered as a demonstrator for Let’s Talk Science
  • Have never had coffee better than what is brewed at the Campus Coffee Company
Elaine Toth


“The journey is everything. - Virginia Woolf ... Try to remember that, even on the bad days.”

Favourite Class: Any and all history classes
Favourite Social Activity: Attending Mainstage and TheatreXtra Productions with my sister
Favourite Study Spot: Home office

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Presenting at conferences in the UK, Quebec and Ontario
  • Graduate Assistant with the Centre for Oral History and Tradition under the supervision of Dr. Heidi MacDonald, Dr. Carol Williams, Dr. Jenna Bailey
  • Graduate Assistant with the Institute for Child and Youth Studies under the leadership of Dr. Kristine Alexander
  • Research Assistant with the Nikkei Memory Capture Project led by Dr. Carly Adams and Dr. Darren Aoki
  • Opportunity to pursue a master's degree in history under the supervision of Dr. Amy Shaw
Elizabeth Eremenko Shining Student


“Attempt to partake in the many different opportunities and experiences uLethbridge has to offer such as independent studies, tutoring and labs. The university has so many resources that can help you grow as a student: go to study sessions, chat with professors and challenge yourself by taking classes that will enhance your skills and knowledge as much as possible.”

Favourite Class: Animal Physiology
Favourite Social Activity: Volunteering at Special Olympics
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Participated in 5 independent studies
  • Have been a tutor for a year and a half
  • Made so many great friends in many different faculties
  • Have enjoyed doing many different biology labs and experiments
  • uLethbridge has given me the skills and tools I need to pursue any future career pertaining to science

Elizabeth Hosker Shining Student


“Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, join a club, take a random class, say hi to strangers! This place and these people become your home and family! Take it all in.”

Favourite Class: Sport psychology
Favourite Social Activity: Therapy Dogs
Favourite Study Spot: The pool viewing area or the bean bags in the curr lab.

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Dr. Scott Rathwell and my independent research study
  • Living in residence
  • Volunteering/coaching for sports teams for kids with disabilities
  • Any sport psychology classes
  • Small classes that create an individualized learning environment
Emily Jones Shining Student


“Read the syllabus! Find study partners as soon as you can, they can become some of the best resources and friends you’ll make in university. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to the professor or go to office hours, they’re not that scary (most of them anyway), and they’re usually eager to help.”

Favourite Class: Design and Analysis of Experiments
Favourite Social Activity: Uleth Ascent Climbing Centre
Favourite Study Spot: Quiet floor of the library or the Water Building

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I have worked with 3 different professors in different independent study projects
  • Climbing at Ascent Climbing Centre on campus with friends has been one of my favourite weekly activities
  • Working with the Destination Exploration organization on campus as a kids “tech maker” club leader has been one of the highlights of my time at Uleth
  • I worked with Dr. Laura Chasmer and Dr. Chris Hopkinson doing lidar calibration and validation surveys over the summer as a research assistant, where I got to travel all across Alberta and the Northwest Territories
  • Joining both the geography and climbing club has introduced me to many like-minded people, and gave me a great chance to form a supportive, fun out-door community in Lethbridge
Fowzia Lopa


“Be positive about learning - listen first, then talk. You play your role in society, don’t stop.”

Favourite Class: Postmodernism
Favourite Social Activity: Dance club, colour women's club
Favourite Study Spot: Research A450

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Education system
  • Multiple disciplines in the seminar class
  • Friends from multiple cultures
  • Department of Indigenous studies
  • Digital Classroom
Hannah Scott Shining Student


“Never stop asking questions, especially the ones that nobody else will ask. And never be afraid to say ‘I don’t know yet’."

Favourite Class: Anything that lets me get my hands dirty in a lab!
Favourite Social Activity: Trips to the Coffee Co.!
Favourite Study Spot: Galileo's. Also my favourite place to nap.

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Being involved with the design and execution of my own project, and answering the questions I want to ask
  • Attending and presenting my research at conferences throughout Alberta
  • Embracing opportunities for professional development through a variety of workshops, retreats and classes facilitated by the University of Lethbridge
  • Developing a diverse worldview through the university’s liberal education philosophy
  • Making meaningful and lasting connections with my mentors and peers
Hope Vienneau Shining Student


“My advice to future students is to partake in any and every opportunity that comes your way, especially any research opportunities. The U of L has a phenomenal undergraduate research program and gives you an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and create connections for your future. Not only does it boost your CV and count as course credit, but it’s also a great way to meet people with similar interests, participate in symposiums, and learn critical thinking skills. Working in a research lab has been the best part of my Bachelor’s degree, and I ended up pursuing a Master's degree and applying to grad school because of it.”

Favourite Class: Survey of American Literature with Gretchen Scott
Favourite Social Activity: ARRTI annual social event
Favourite Study Spot: In bed with a giant cup of coffee!

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Working in a biochemistry research lab under Ute Kothe
  • Coaching junior high volleyball
  • Minoring in English
  • Completing an undergraduate thesis
  • Being vice-president of the French Club
Hunter Johnson Shining Student


“Don’t be afraid of failure, use it as a stepping stone to peruse your journey to achievement.”

Favourite Class: Principles of Genetics
Favourite Social Activity: Attending pronghorns basketball games
Favourite Study Spot: In the library or at home

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Professors are great and easy to access.
  • Many fun activities that happen throughout the months to keep yourself busy
  • Class sizes are nice and don’t get too big
  • Access to health or academic advising is simple to get access too
  • Sporting events are a blast to attend and the atmosphere keeps things fun
Jan Tuescher Shining Student


“Independent/applied studies are a huge asset at the U of L that help you gain first-hand research experience side-by-side with a professor. You don’t have to have your future planned out but make sure you are passionate about what you are doing.”

Favourite Class: Animal Physiology - Treatment of a beating/live frog heart with stimulants/depressants
Favourite Social Activity: Intramural floor hockey - Go Moves Like Jagr!
Favourite Study Spot: Couch with a cozy blanket and coffee!

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Living on campus and later working for the residence community helped me become a better student, make friends and gain lots of networking opportunities
  • Independent studies allowed me to gain first-hand research experience early on and led me to complete an Honours Thesis and now to pursue a Masters in cancer research
  • Intramural sports were a healthy way to relieve stress from exams/studying, while hanging out with friends
Jeremy Wu Shining Student


“Time management is the key factor to success in university. Have your very own organizational tool that plans your entire semester’s reading and allocated play/ study time. I personally used an excel sheet that is completed in the beginning of every semester so I never have to worry about what I will be doing in the future as it is all already planned. This also leads to a natural eagerness to get ahead in your classes.”

Favourite Class: Belief, Truth, and Paradox
Favourite Social Activity: Basketball
Favourite Study Spot: Home

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Co-op work term at Husky Energy
  • Re-ratifying the photography club
  • Growth from independence
  • Extremely approachable professors
  • Small classes
Kaden Fujita


“Don’t be afraid to get to know your professors and ask questions. They are more than willing to help you in your classes if you need them.”

Favourite Class: Signal Transduction
Favourite Social Activity: Intramural Hockey
Favourite Study Spot: Study Lounge

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Meeting lots of new people from different towns and cities who share similar interests
  • uLethbridge has allowed me to create new relationships with peers and professors
  • Great experiences being a part of the Research Internship Concentration (RIC)
  • Getting to learn directly from professors who contribute to scientific research and advancement
  • Working in the Russell Lab during the summer as a part of an NSERC USRA
Kairvee Bhatt


“You are a lifelong learner and that means exploring your potential and constantly developing it. Get involved, explore your passions, and advocate for yourself! A post-secondary education often also translates to a character education. Make the most of your journey and remember you get what you put in. An open attitude may not necessarily mean you’ll succeed, but you’ll feel a lot better going into a venture knowing it aligns with your interests. The University of Lethbridge was built on the foundations of Liberal Education, take advantage of this unique hands-on learning experience. University is a learning curve, but know that you don’t have to go through anything alone. There is tremendous support available, from clubs and other groups, to resources on campus that you can utilize."

Favourite Class: Managing Not-for-Profit Organizations
Favourite Social Activity: Meeting friends at the Zoo!
Favourite Study Spot: Agility Ideation Lab (M2039)

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Premier First Year Rep, ULSU
  • Case Competition Participant
  • Student Mentor, Enrollment Services
  • Enactus University of Lethbridge Co-Founder
  • Commercial Banking RBC, co-op
Kamiko Bressler


“It is never too early to get involved in the University of Lethbridge community. There is so much to offer from research opportunities to school clubs and sports teams!”

Favourite Class: Gene Expression in Health and Disease
Favourite Social Activity: Chemistry & Biochemistry Club
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I have done undergraduate research in the biology and chemistry/biochemistry department for independent studies, summer jobs, and my Honours Thesis
  • I have defended my Honours Thesis and am now working towards my Master’s degree
  • I have been a part of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club for four years, and am now an executive member
  • During my undergraduate degree, I have been able to enrich my scientific knowledge by taking relevant courses with my supervisor including my favourite class, Gene Expression in Health and Disease
  • Through the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club, I have made friends and collaborators within the University of Lethbridge
Kate Chua


“Work hard not only in school but to become the best version of yourself.”

Favourite Class: Neuroscience, surprise! 
Favourite Social Activity: Anytime they give out free food 
Favourite Study Spot: The pool viewing area 

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique? 

  • Independent studies at the CCBN
  • Volunteering at the university
  • URSCA conference
  • Neuroscience club
  • NSERC and AHS Studentships
Katrina Taylor


“Expand your horizons. Take classes outside of your discipline. And always remember, the Coffee Company has the best coffee on campus!”

Favourite Class: An independent study (in academic writing) with Cliff Lobe was amazing!
Favourite Social Activity: Studying
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Creating a uni family
  • Being devoted to academics
  • Building personal relationships with professors
  • The ability to seize all opportunities given to me, such as joining the Research Internship Concentration
  • Volunteering at the Chinook Regional Hospital

Read more about Katrina's uLethbridge experience: For Katrina Taylor, every problem in the world is an opportunity to create change

Keiran Vanden Dungen


“I would advise future students to begin looking into opportunities early! Co-op programs and independent studies are a great way to learn the type of research happening at the university.”

Favourite Class: Genome Maintenance
Favourite Social Activity: Taco Tuesday at the zoo
Favourite Study Spot: Uhall Atrium 24 Hour study room

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Excellent independent studies opportunities
  • Supportive lab
  • Honours thesis
  • Summer research programs
  • Small class sizes encouraged bonding with people sharing my major
Luke Saville


“Get involved in a research group at the university as early as possible. It will open up to a lot of avenues at university such as unique classes, independent studies, volunteer opportunities, and a lot of great people at the university.”

Favourite Class: Bioinformatics
Favourite Social Activity: Volunteering
Favourite Study Spot: 11th floor of the library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Independent study work on molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease in The Zovoilis Lab
  • Started volunteering with Let’s Talk Science - Lethbridge
  • Joined the 2018 University of Lethbridge iGEM Team (student member)
  • Joined the 2018 Lethbridge High School iGEM Team (advisor)
  • Presenting my 2018 iGEM project in Boston
Madeline Szabo


“Get involved, do your best, and don’t forget to take care of yourself first and ask for help when you need it! Everyone has special interests and skills that can thrive at the U of L. Whether you’re interested in athletics, volunteering, the arts, research or any other number of things, there is a team, a classroom, a club and a group of people where you belong. It makes University so much more special and fun to do things you love! Finally, look after yourself and your mental and physical health, you are the most important person even when school and life and everything else gets crazy! There are resources, faculty, staff and friends at every corner to help you along the way, so take full advantage.”

Favourite Class: Evolution of Brain and Behaviour
Favourite Social Activity: Hanging out with my teammates, whether it’s at basketball/hockey games or our track meets, or during volunteer opportunities
Favourite Study Spot: The Library or Starbucks!

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Athletics: My experience as a Track and Field athlete at the U of L has been amazing so far. I am a hammer thrower, and it’s here I have been given access to great training facilities and equipment, wonderful teammates, my amazing Coach Larry, and a huge amount of support
  • Volunteering/Service: There are countless ways that living in Lethbridge and attending the U of L allows me to give back; some examples of places I volunteer are Operation Red Nose, The Rotaract Club, Chinook Regional Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, All Saints Parish, and coaching local youth
  • Academics: Learning from some of the leading neuroscientists and seeing firsthand the research that is being done is an incredible opportunity, and with the new science building being built it is exciting to see what else is in store. Dr. Shelly Wismath has been a huge support for me and has reinforced to me the privilege I have in accessing a liberal education
  • Student Services: since being at the U of L there has been no shortage in support in a variety of ways. Academic advising has been extremely helpful, and the health and counselling services on campus have truly played a big role in my success. There are also constantly opportunities for students to receive help whether it’s with school, studying habits, future careers and success and mental health initiatives, which makes the U of L stand out to me as a school that really cares about its students

Read more about Madeline's uLethbridge experience: CanWest Silver Medalist Madeline Szabo Learned the Importance of Balance as a Student-Athlete

Madison Bourassa


"Get involved in the school/community and take every opportunity that comes your way.”

Favourite Class: Introduction to Cinema Studies
Favourite Social Activity: Welcome Back BBQ
Favourite Study Spot: Group study rooms and UHall by Urban Market

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Hands-on experience opportunities (labs, research)
  • Small class sizes and professors that truly care about your education
  • Therapy dogs, calm cafe, and other activities to boost student morale
  • Beautiful campus
  • The Research Internship Concentration

Marina Galatonov


“The first year is always the most difficult but keep working hard, don’t let a bad grade get you down and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The profs always make time for students and they will be happy to help you especially if you show interest and determination. Get involved in clubs because they are a great way to meet new people and learn something.”

Favourite Class: Cellular Basis of Life (including the lab)
Favourite Social Activity: Volunteering for the new student orientation
Favourite Study Spot: The pool viewing area

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Many research opportunities (Research Internship Concentration)
  • Fun and supportive clubs (Premed Club)
  • Amazing profs and lab instructors that want you to succeed
  • Opportunities to go to conferences and meet students interested in research (URSCA)
  • The amazing view of the coulees from U-Hall
Mary Siever


“Work hard and seek help and support. Challenge yourself but remember to balance your life. Learn the resources and supports available and don’t forget to use them when needed. Academic Advising is very helpful!”

Favourite Class: There are several. Jane Austen, Advanced Feminist Research, and Marriage & Citizenship
Favourite Social Activity: Meeting with my fellow classmates for a visit
Favourite Study Spot: A quiet spot by the recital hall

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I have found the learning enlightening and engaging
  • I’ve met many wonderful individuals who have helped me achieve my goals
  • Several professors have made a huge difference. Specifically: Jo-Anne Fiske, Suzanne Lenon, Heather Ladd, Wendy Faith-Usher, Carol Williams, Francine Young, Glenda Bonifacio, Caroline Hodes, Maureen Hawkins
  • My family have been my greatest support and encouragement
  • I have discovered new passions (such as a love for social science research)
Michelle Snidal


“Never be afraid to ask questions or talk to people. Most of the students are in the exact same spot as each other--stressed, afraid, a little insecure--but just talking to people makes university that more fun. You may not be best friends with everyone you meet, but seeing people that you know and can connect with about inane stuff makes you feel like a part of something bigger.”

Favourite Class: Historiography
Favourite Social Activity: Coffee with friends between classes
Favourite Study Spot: Library, Level 9

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I was chosen to take a Master’s level class during my undergraduate. It was honestly really fun and it showed me that I wanted to take my Master’s after I graduate
  • All the clubs I joined helped me meet new people and establish a great group of friends that I’m really lucky to have
  • All of my amazing professors made my undergrad so much fun! I have too many favourite professors who are so supportive that it made class registration very hard!
  • The community events that the U of L hosts allows students to expand beyond our campus. The annual Arches fundraiser is always a lot of fun, raises money for a great organization, and spreads awareness throughout the campus
  • The Campus Coffee Company
Molly Tilley


“Make meaningful relationships with your profs. In order to meet people and network, you have to put yourself out there.”

Favourite Class: Biology of Parasitism
Favourite Social Activity: Fresh Fest (in my 1st and 2nd years)
Favourite Study SpotLibrary 24-hour study area

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Summer co-op position at the research station
  • Independent study in Kovalchuck and Goater labs
  • Summer research position in Goater lab
  • HPI boot camp
  • Dr. Barley's seminar class
Nadia Hand


“The University of Lethbridge is full of amazing and unique experiences that I’m very thankful to be a part of.”

Favourite Class: Research Internship I: Scientific Discovery (as part of the Research Internship Cohort)
Favourite Social Activity: Sporting events
Favourite Study Spot: Library study rooms

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Going to this university is very inspiring, you feel as though you and your education really matter
  • Being a part of the research internship cohort is an amazing experience
  • There are so many opportunities for everyone, I have learned so many life long skills
Sarah Jones


“Don’t overwhelm yourself, take summer classes if necessary, they aren’t so bad and sometimes courses are offered in the summer that aren’t offered during the fall and spring semesters!”

Favourite Class: Animal Communication with David Logue
Favourite Social Activity: Psych club events and surf trip
Favourite Study Spot: Library group workrooms

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Executive member of the psychology club for a couple of years
  • Really interested in animal communication and their relationships with each other and humans
  • Took part in Stepping Up workshop - related to relationship violence
  • Went on the annual Surf Trip, met a lot of cool people
  • Met people from all over the world who have come to U of L
Sydnee Calhoun


“Try to get involved in research early on to gain practical lab experience as well as a better understanding of how research actually works. In doing so you get to work with graduate students and learn more from them and you also get to know the professors in the department better.”

Favourite Class: Organic Chemistry II
Favourite Social Activity: Late night science parties
Favourite Study Spot: In the lab

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Competing at the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition (iGEM) at the Collegiate level and receiving nominations for our 2017 project
  • Advising the High School iGEM team since 2016
  • Working with Destination Exploration to promote STEM initiatives
  • Doing Summer research and an Honours Thesis in the Wieden lab
  • Participating in the co-op program and completing two work terms at the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre
Tanner Layton


“Ask more questions than you give answers. Seek out unhappiness and learn from it. There is no one right way to live a human life. The personal is always the political. Read Sara Ahmed.”

Favourite Class: There are many, including The Meaning of Life, The Individual and Society, Social Cognition, and Research Methodology
Favourite Social Activity: Playing cards, watching sports, eating wings, drinking beer
Favourite Study Spot: Good Earth Coffeehouse, Starbucks

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Explored media representations of Justin Bieber in an independent study with Dr. Kim Mair
  • Examined ‘Blue Jay fever’ and its economic implications in a sociology paper for Dr. Tom Perks
  • Observed the subtleties of biopolitics and state violence during my co-op workterm with Indigenous Services Canada
  • Being a teaching assistant gave me an opportunity to have insightful learning experiences with other like-minded students
  • Got to read Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger on a beach in Cancun for Dr. Laderoute’s summer philosophy course
Tiffany Higham


“Be patient with yourself and find the study method that works for you and stick to it. A bad grade is an opportunity for growth! Talk to your professors and ask them questions. Make time for yourself and for your friends/family/partner(s).”

Favourite Class: Medical Sociology or Sociology of Sport
Favourite Social Activity: Events put on by the Campus Women’s Centre
Favourite Study Spot: Markin study rooms or home!

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Independent study about gender binaries in sport
  • Volunteering with the Campus Women’s Centre
  • Attending performances partially funded by LPIRG (Ivan Coyote and Vivek Shraya to name two)
  • Presenting at North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (October 2018)
  • Getting the opportunity to interact with my professors
Yash Patel


“Take advantage of all the different opportunities that come your way. Stepping outside your comfort zone will help you gain new experiences and expand your knowledge. Despite all the chaos, relentlessly strive towards achieving your goals. Always remember, you define your own happiness and create your own success!”

Favourite Class: Computer Graphics
Favourite Social Activity: Perogies and Karaoke Tuesdays
Favourite Study Spot: Markin Group Work Rooms

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Co-op work term as an Informatics Analyst for the Government of Canada
  • Co-op work term as a GIS Technician for a natural gas company
  • University of Lethbridge Geography Club Executive and Co-op Ambassador
  • One on One learning experiences with professors
  • Out of class learning opportunities