Faculty of Arts & Science Undergraduate Travel Award

Submit completed application to Cath Parker cathy.parker@uleth.ca Faculty of Arts & Science Dean’s Office.

1. Value: up to $500

2. Eligibility

  • Travel must be related to the applicant’s academic studies. This includes (but is not limited to) presenting a paper or poster at a conference or workshop, or travel for the purposes of participating in a competition, conference, or workshop related to your academic studies.
  • Travel to attend training, for study programs/tours, or for any type of relocation is not eligible for this award.
  • Applicants must be in good academic standing, registered in an Arts & Science degree program, and achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their most recent 30 credits (graded course only). Students who have completed their degree requirements (and thus may be convocating) may also apply for support for travel; in this case, the travel must take place a maximum of four months after they have completed their degree requirements.
  • Full-­‐time students (or those who were full-­time for the majority of their degree program) will be given priority.
  • Students may receive funds from this program only once per academic year (May through April). Priority will be given to students who have not previously receive funds from this award.

3. Criteria

  • Students who can demonstrate particular excellence will be given first consideration for this award. This may include (but is not limited to) having placed highly in some preliminary selection process, having been highly recommended by a faculty member or coach for the activity, or having a paper or poster accepted for a presentation at the event. Evidence of this must be submitted with the application.
  • In determining who will receive funds and how much will be awarded, the committee will consider the need for funds (budget), the clarity of the application, the number of applications and the nature of participation. In general active participation, or participation at a higher level than an entry-­level will be given higher priority. The committee may also prioritize on basis of seniority of the student, grade point average and significance of the work to the student’s program of study.

4. Application Deadlines

February 1: For travel taking place March - June

May 1: For travel taking place July - October

October 1: For travel taking place November - February

  • Applicants are responsible for submitting their completed applications directly to the Faculty of Arts & Science by the designated deadline dates. Incomplete applications will not be considered. In the case where these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, applications will be accepted on the following working day.
  • In exceptional cases, applications may be accepted for travel that has already taken place. However, priority will be given to travel that will take place in the upcoming timeframe. A maximum of $1500 can be allocated each time the committee meets to consider applications.

5. Accountability

  • The Faculty of Arts & Science reserves the right to request receipts to verify that the travel has been completed and that the budget estimates were generally accurate.
  • A one-page report must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Arts & Science after the travel has been completed. This should be submitted to Cathy Parker, who will distribute submitted reports to the Undergraduate Travel Award Committee.

6. Receipt of Travel Award

  • Students selected to receive the award will receive a letter confirming their award from the Office of the Dean of Arts & Science. Payment of the award will be made directly to each student’s personal Cash Office account.

Submit completed application to Cath Parker cathy.parker@uleth.ca Faculty of Arts & Science Dean’s Office.

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