Highschool Youth Researcher Summer program

July 5 – August 16, 2024

What is HYRS?

HYRS is the Highschool Youth Researcher Summer program. This six-week consecutive program runs annually, at the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and at the University of Lethbridge. The program will run from  July 5 – August 16, 2024. Students will receive a stipend of $3,000 for 6 weeks.

During this program, students will:

  • Participate in hands-on work with Alberta Innovates-funded research groups at the University of Lethbridge
  • Join a team of PhD, Master and Bachelor students
  • Work on multidisciplinary projects which may include:
    • genetics
    • neuroscience
    • bioengineering
    • healthcare policy
    • molecular imaging
    • recreational therapy
  • Work in areas on the cutting edge of science not yet in textbooks

However, HYRS is much more than laboratory research! Additional activities include:

  • Guest speakers talk about their careers in research
  • Summer Research Celebration where students invite their parents, mentors, and members of the public to view their research in a symposium setting at the U of L
  • Meet other students with similar interests
DEADLINE TO APPLY IS MARCH 22, 2024 at 4:00pm MT

Are you an Indigenous student looking for research opportunities? Check out InSRA (Indigenous Summer Research Academy) here. 

Learn more about the uLethbridge HYRS experience from our summer 2021 students, alumni and mentors via the videos and stories below:

Zaki's Advice for looking into HYRS

Finley's Advice for looking into HYRS

Inspiration for Applying To HYRS

HYRS Alumni Profile

Dr Trushar Patel, HYRS Mentor

Highschool Youth Researcher Summer (HYRS) program Showcase 2021

HYRS - Kieran Schmidtke

While Kieran Schmidtke participated in the HYRS program, found a sense of belonging as a fellow lab member and researcher. During HYRS, Kieran used an analytical ultracentrifuge to study Adeno Associated viruses, used in …

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HYRS - Joel Jansen

Through the HYRS program, Joel Jansen participated in cutting-edge research, met new friends and experienced meaningful collaboration to take with him into university. He learned how to use affinity chromatography and Microscale …

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HYRS - Zaynab Enayetullah

Zaynab Enayetullah worked in the Department of Biological Sciences during her time in the HYRS program. She looked at genes controlling root elongation, research which enhanced her understanding of plant genetics.

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HYRS - Elisha Wong

During the HYRS program, Elisha Wong sparked her interest in neuroscience and Alzheimer's Disease. Throughout her time in the program, Elisha studied many aspects of Alzheimer's Disease including sex differences in the …

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HYRS - Tabitha Gangur-Powell

Tabitha Gangur-Powell had a dynamic HYRS program experience. At the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, she spent time in immunology, trace analysis, soil biochemistry, and entomology labs.

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HYRS - Trinity Deak

Trinity Deak heard about the HYRS program through her chemistry 30 teacher and decided to take the opportunity and apply. During HYRS, Trinity worked in a computational chemistry lab and conducted research about …

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Be a HYRS Mentor

To mentor a HYRS a student over the summer, please fill out the following mentor application. More details on what is expected as a mentor can be found here.