Departments & Programs

Anthropology Jan Newberry
Biological Sciences Elizabeth Schultz
  Robert Laird
Chemistry & Biochemistry Paul Hayes
  Susan Findlay (Associate Chair)
Economics Pascal Ghazalian
English Dan O'Donnell
  Adam Carter
Geography & Environment Craig Coburn
History & Religion Lynn Kennedy
Indigenous Studies Paul McKenzie-Jones
Kinesiology & Physical Education Ilsa Wong (Co-Chair)
  Rob Kossuth (Co-Chair)
Mathematics & Computer Science    Wendy Osborn
  Andrew Fiori (Associate Chair)
Modern Languages & Linguistics                 Tabitha Spagnolo
Neuroscience (CCBN) Robert Sutherland
  Curriculum Robbin Gibb (Associate Chair)
  Infrastructure Artur Luczak (Associate Chair)
  Robert Sutherland (Director, CCBN)
Philosophy Victor Rodych
Physics & Astronomy Locke Spencer
Political Science John von Heyking
Psychology Louise Barrett
  Jennifer Williams (Associate Chair)
Sociology Tom Perks
  Kim Mair (Associate Chair)
Women & Gender Studies  
Academic Writing Natasha Rebry
Agricultural Biotechnology Igor Kovalchuk
Agricultural Studies Danny Le Roy
Applied Statistics John Sheriff
Archaeology Shawn Bubel and Kevin McGeough
Asian Studies Gideon Fujiwara
Biochemistry Steven Mosimann
Cultural, Social, Political Thought (CSPT) Suzanne Lenon
Environmental Science Steve Wiseman
Indigenous Student Success Concentration Michelle Hogue
Remote Sensing Craig Coburn
Urban and Regional Studies Julie Young