A&S Faculty & Staff Resources

This page is for the distribution of material from the Dean's Office to other areas of the Faculty of Arts & Science. If you are looking for information on the programs offered by the Faculty, please go to Academic Programs and choose the program of interest to you.

Arts & Science Faculty & Staff Resources

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  • Assignment of Duties and Workload Allocation

  • Committees
    • A&S Departmental Graduate Education Committee
    • A&S GEWG Guidelines
    • A&S Curriculum Committee
    • A&S Executive Committee
    • A&S Planning Committee
    • A&S Degrees Committee
    • A&S Committee on Liberal Education
    • A&S Committee on Research and Teaching
    • A&S Standard Structure for Standing Committees
    • Program Model for Advisory Committees
  • Communications Guidelines
  • Dates & Schedules
    • Arts & Science Council Meetings
  • Forms
    • Professional Activities Report Form
    • Research Support Application Form
  • Policies & Guidelines
    • Department Chair Guidelines 2008
    • Study_Leave_Guidelines
    • GEWG Guidelines
    • Chair Selection Committee - Terms of Reference
    • Guidelines for Documentary Evidence to be Provided by Academic Staff - Purposes of Performance Evaluation and STP Hearings
    • Course/Instructor Evaluation
    • Search Policy

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