Experiential Learning Outside the Classroom


Put Your Knowledge to Work.

Whether you’re looking for a more in-depth learning experience by assisting with a research project or want to test your knowledge in a real-life setting, we can help. Combined with your required coursework, the programs outlined below will provide you with a solid foundation for further studies and an excellent framework for a challenging and rewarding career―whatever direction you decide to go.

Co-operative Education

The Faculty of Arts & Science is proud to offer you the chance to participate in our Co-operative Education program—the only one of its kind in Alberta, offering co-op to all majors at the undergraduate and graduate level. Co-op allows you to gain work experience directly related to your studies and make invaluable contacts in the workforce, all while earning a competitive salary. Completion of the program allows you to receive a Co-operative Education designation on your degree and, most importantly, a kick-start to your career the minute you graduate.

Applied Studies

The Applied Studies program offers another unique opportunity to all students as a way to earn course credit for career-related paid or volunteer work experience. This program is specially designed to allow you to integrate principles learned in the classroom in a practical work setting.

Independent Studies

In addition to your regular courses, you have the opportunity to participate in independent studies where you will contribute to departmental activities by volunteering on research projects or through employment as a research assistant.

Independent studies courses may be taken for credit inside or outside of the student’s academic major or in an interdisciplinary model. Some majors even require an independent study component. A maximum of five independent studies courses may count for degree credit. Combined degree students may count only three. Independent Studies numbers 2990, 3990 and 4990 indicate the level of advancement.

Independent studies courses may be elected as early as the second semester or as late as the last, depending upon the capability of the student for undertaking academic work with minimal guidance. Independent studies courses may take a variety of forms including library research, laboratory research projects or field study. Each Department provides detailed information on its available resources for support of independent studies courses.

Admission to an independent studies course is achieved through the consent of the instructor, who agrees to guide the independent studies course, and by approval of the Department and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science. Enrolment may be for a regular semester or during a summer session. Credit for an independent studies course is at the discretion of the Department, upon recommendation of the instructor. Grades are due at the end of the term of registration, as for regular courses.

Since independent studies courses are intended to expand a student’s program beyond the limits of the regular curriculum, it may not be used to duplicate course offerings.