Mitacs BSI

Mitacs Business Strategy Internships (BSI)


Mitacs BSI connects academic talent to industry by supporting 50% of the cost of a collaborative, innovative project based internship. The BSI program provides either $10,000 or $15,000 per intern to allow them to undertake a four-month internship project with a partner organization in Canada. Interns will work with their academic supervisor to co-design a project with their partner organization to work on the organization’s innovation activities, helping them improve their products, processes, or services. 


Applications are accepted throughout the year on a non-competitive basis.


How it Works


1. The Match

A partner organization and academic researchers develop a research project

2. The Proposal

Applicants submit their completed proposal via a Mitacs representative

3. The Project

For approved projects, partner funds are combined with government funding to provide an intern stipend.

Project Structure

An intern spends a minimum of 4 or 6 months — or one unit— on a research and development project.

The intern spends a minimum of 25% of their time at the partner organization site working directly with employees of the partner.

Each unit can have a total stipend value of $10 000, $15 000, or $20 000. Mitacs covers 50% of the unit's value; the remaining amount is provided by the partner organization. For the $15 000 and $20 000 unit values, up to $5000 can be used for eligible project support expenses.

Mitacs projects are modular, and can be modified to fit different budgets, timelines, and scales.






  • Full time Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Recent Graduates (within two years of graduation) from the University of Lethbridge
    • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international students over the age of 18
    • Part time students may be eligible. Contact your local representative to learn more.
  • All academic disciplines


  • All academic disciplines
  • Faculty/supervisors must be eligible to hold Tri-Agency funds

Partner Organization

  • For-profit corporations, eligible not-for-profit corporations, municipalities, and hospitals in Canada
    • All sectors are eligible
  • For-profit businesses operating outside of Canada may also be eligible; reach out to the uLeth Mitacs Representative to learn more

 Click here for more information on eligibility criteria.



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