Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research - Primary Health Care

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Primary Health Care Integration Network (PHCIN) is currently accepting applications to cover expenses ($3000 program fee) for individuals who intend to apply for the Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research –Primary Health Care (TUTOR-PHC) program (May 2021 –April 2022). To simplify the application process for funding, the PHCIN will be using the same forms as the TUTOR-PHC program application.

TUTOR-PHC is a one-year, pan-Canadian interdisciplinary research capacity building program that has been training primary and integrated health care researchers and decision-makers from family medicine, nursing, psychology, epidemiology, occupational therapy, social work, education, policy and many other disciplines, since 2003. Through this program, successful applicants receive:

  • PHC interdisciplinary research training
  • University Credit & MAINPRO+ credits
  • Mentorship from experienced PHC researchers/ decision makers
  • Networking experiences with research mentors & 200+ pan-Canadian / international alumni Interdisciplinary team experience
  • Feedback on your own PHC research
  • Increased knowledge/skills in patient-oriented research

As part of this program, trainees participate in online workshops, a symposium, mentorship, and interdisciplinary discussion groups. A 3-day symposium helps trainees build relationships, model interdisciplinary communication, transmit learnings, and negotiate on-line learning through workshops and presentations. Trainees will attend at least two online workshops over the program year to learn interdisciplinary theory and process and unique primary health care research issues and methodology. Furthermore, each trainee received leadership and guidance from a primary mentor.

The online curriculum for this program involves participating in an asynchronous formal discussion group each week, fall project presentations requiring active participation, and the development of a primary health care research proposal in response to a mock proposal with an interdisciplinary group in the winter.

The PHCIN will cover the program fee expense ($3000) for 2 successful applicants. This Alberta internal funding competition will remain open until end of day November 13, 2020. A notice of decision will be disseminated by November 20, 2020, ahead of the application deadline for submission into the TUTOR Program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants who receive funding from PHCIN will be required to submit their full application to TUTOR by NOVEMBER 30, 2020 for entry into the TUTOR program. Applicants who do not receive funding from PHCIN can still apply to the TUTOR Program.
To view the full application process for the TUTOR Program, please visit the TUTOR-PHC website: For those applicants interested in seeking funding from PHCIN, please complete the same TUTOR application forms found on their website and submit these to the PHCIN by November 13, 2020.
Please note-- a University transcript is not required by PHCIN but must be sent to TUTOR-PHC when applying to the program. Submission deadline to the TUTOR-PHC Program is November 30, 2020.

Students could include:

  • SPOR Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations (PIHCI) Network trainees
  • mid-career clinicians
  • post-doctoral fellows
  • residents doing research fellowships
  • graduate students

Decision makers:

  • Employed full time in a role that shapes policy or manages programs that are directly relevant to primary health care o Typically, employed in ministries of health or regional health authorities with portfolios that include the development or implementation of evidence-informed primary health care policies o Institutional duties should include exposure to research or systematic inquiry
  • Firm commitment from employer to a half-day per week of release time to participate
  • Employers may support greater than one applicant, but the trainee selection is at the discretion of the TUTOR-PHC selection committee

Applications and questions regarding this opportunity can be sent to

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cover expenses ($3000 program fee)
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Friday, November 13, 2020
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Friday, November 6, 2020
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Natural Science
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