James S McDonnell Foundation Grants

Founded in 1950 by aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell, the foundation was established to "improve the quality of life," and does so by contributing to the generation of new knowledge by supporting research and scholarship. The foundation awards grants via the foundation-initiated, peer-reviewed proposal processes described in the 21st Century Science Initiative.

JSMF believes that private philanthropic support for science is most effective when it invests in the acquisition of new knowledge and in the responsible application of knowledge for solving the real world problems. Applicants are encouraged to keep this in mind when preparing proposals. Projects supported through the 21st Century Science Initiative are expected to meet highly selective intellectual standards.

JSMF offers several funding opportunites. Please refer to the link below for information and deadlines about individual funding opportunities. 

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James S. McDonnell Foundation
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Keiko McFarland (oris.health@uleth.ca)
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