Ecosystem Development Partnership (EDP) Program



Qualified applicants are those focused on:

  • Providing communities, services and support for inventors and entrepreneurs traversing the client journey.
  • Building capacity, platforms and/or networks.

This program is not meant to help individual applicants directly. Instead, its purpose is to support innovators in Albert and promote collaboration and opportunities within the ecosystem. The program does not provide support for research projects, sponsorships, or product development projects at companies or post-secondary institutions. 


The Ecosystem Development Partnership Program aims to enhance the research and innovation ecosystem in Alberta. By working together to converge services and initiatives, we will foster provincial strengths, new industries and enhance value throughout the entire system and its operations.

Partner with us as we build a research and innovation economy in Alberta that serves as a competitive advantage for innovators and simultaneously transform products and services for Albertans.

The program is managed across multiple business units at Alberta Innovates, including Entrepreneurial InvestmentsPost-secondary Investments and Emerging TechnologiesHealth InnovationHealth Platforms, and Agri-Food Innovation.

Program priority areas

The program is focused on the following priority areas*:

  • Health Innovation projects aim to strengthen economic competitiveness and enhance well-being in Alberta by fostering a thriving health innovation community.
  • Entrepreneur ecosystem projects focus on working together with the community, supporting diversity and inclusion, and filling gaps in services for technology entrepreneurs, from the early idea stage to scaling up their businesses.
  • Agri-food innovation projects aim to connect technology development with practical use in the agri-food industry through collaboration and service-driven initiatives.
  • Technology innovation hub projects bring different activities and research together to strengthen Alberta’s technology development community, helping us discover, develop, and use new technologies. The goal is to create stronger industries and bring more value to our province.
  • Clean Energy projects focus on boosting economic growth and decarbonization in Advanced Hydrocarbons and Clean Technology by fostering collaboration and leveraging resources, accelerating innovative ideas to fruition.
*Projects outside of our priority areas that demonstrate high value to the entrepreneur client journey may be considered. Alberta-wide initiatives preferred. Regional initiatives and gaps should be address with your local regional innovation network.
Agency Name: 
Alberta Innovates
Contact Name: 
Keiko McFarland
Grant Amount: 
No maximum award amount; up to three years
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Sunday, March 31, 2024
Internal Deadline: 
Sunday, March 17, 2024
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Grant Area: 
Grant Eligibility: