Corteva: Building blocks for sustainable small molecule crop protection solutions

Corteva Agriscience is committed to providing sustainable crop protection solutions, including products that meet “green” principles endorsed by the American Chemical Society and sustainability goals set by the United Nations. Through these guidelines, Corteva Agriscience aims to reduce waste, increase atom efficiency, and incorporate renewable feedstocks whenever possible. We are intent on providing farmers with effective control over damaging pests and disease through technologies that combine favorable human health and environmental profiles with lower use rates.

The discovery and development of environmentally friendly crop protection solutions is a lengthy and continually improving process, and Corteva Agriscience is innovating in this space every day. Corteva designs molecules with favorable human health and environmental profiles starting with building blocks that have low molecular weight, low LogD, and high sp³ characteristics. As such, we are seeking input from the broader scientific community to gain access to diverse chemical space – non-commercial building blocks – that can be incorporated into our molecules for the exploration of novel and more sustainable active ingredients.

Must-have requirements 

  • Non-confidential submissions of chemical structures in .sdf file format. Examples include substrates or products from previously published work or soon to be published work.
  • Synthetic small molecules (Molecular Weight < 300 Da)
  • Molecules containing 1 or 2 functional handles (examples include alcohols, amines, boronic acids, carboxylic acids)
  • Ability to transfer 0.1 to 0.2 mmol of each molecule with a sample purity of ≥95% (HPLC or NMR)
  • Submitter has the authority and ability to transfer the proposed molecules to Corteva Agriscience without restriction or limitations on research or commercial uses (please see the Terms and Conditions for additional warranties) 

Preferred requirements

  • Molecules synthesized from chiral pool
  • Molecules able to be prepared in 5 chemical steps or fewer
  • Can be scalable to multi-gram quantities
  • Broad chemical diversity – ideally, the submitted structures are chemically diverse (e.g., sp3-rich and chiral) and can also include diverse substitution patterns

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Brandie Lea
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Tuesday, May 31, 2022
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Tuesday, May 31, 2022
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