CIHR - Planning and Dissemination Grants on Lyme Disease

The CIHR – Institute of Infection and Immunity, the CIHR – Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis, and the Public Health Agency of Canada are inviting researchers to apply for Planning and Dissemination Grants on Lyme Disease. This joint call is launched prior to an upcoming Request for Applications (RFA) to support a Lyme Disease Research Network, as announced by the Minister of Health in May 2017.

Planning activities deemed relevant to the RFA objectives for a Lyme Disease Research Network will be eligible for funding through this opportunity. The objectives are stated as follows:

  • Build a national network on Lyme Disease to facilitate and support national and international collaboration among Lyme disease stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, and patients) in resource and knowledge sharing.
    • Mobilize, strengthen and build capacity in the Lyme disease research community to help conduct Lyme disease research;
    • Develop innovative multidisciplinary curricula and training opportunities for students and professionals;
    • Facilitate and support translation and dissemination of new knowledge from bench to bedside to population in order to:
      • improve clinical science and practice;
      • foster policy changes, leading to transformative and measureable improvements in the development and implementation of evidence-informed practices, policies, services, products and programs
      • improve patient outcomes, access to care and quality, efficiency and effectiveness of health care.
  • Develop a national cohort of patients in order to understand the association between serological and clinical phenomenology of Lyme disease on a longitudinal basis (including a biobank creation and maintenance).
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