CHS-Bayer ADVANCE Canada Research Program

The Canadian Hemophilia Society – Bayer ADVANCE Canada Research Program was created to engage Canadian hemophilia treaters in activities to identify and research key issues in the ageing hemophilia population.

This program is offered in partnership with ADVANCE Canada (ADVANCE: age-related developments and co-morbidities in hemophilia) who’s Mission is as follows:

To improve the health and Quality of Life (QoL) of older Canadians living with hemophilia by underpinning our actions and recommendations in the rigour of science conducted with and for older Canadians living with hemophilia.

In order to optimize management of age-related co-morbidities in the adult hemophilia population, ADVANCE Canada will foster patient-centred research, and disseminate scientific information to assist Canadian hemophilia-treating physicians.

Life expectancy for people with hemophilia has improved and is now approaching that of the general population. The growing population of older people with hemophilia will therefore increasingly face age-related morbidities such as cardiovascular diseases, malignancies, liver disease, and bone and joint related disease, as well as the lifestyle and psychosocial factors that accompany and predispose to many of these conditions. Little is known about how to manage cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, and other age-related diseases in the older hemophilia population. Recognizing the importance of how age-related diseases might affect people with hemophilia, this research program’s goal is to support research that will help inform how management and treatment should best be adapted for people ageing with hemophilia.

The research program will support studies that aim to:

  • Identify and provide insight into key issues associated with the ageing hemophilia population
  • Identify how management of age-related co-morbidities should be adapted to those with hemophilia
  • Create and deliver evidence-based information to health care practitioners (HCPs), the public and policy makers that will lead to improved care and QoL for older Canadians living with hemophilia

The Research Grants are made possible thanks to generous financial support from Bayer Canada. Bayer creates innovative products, breakthrough treatments and healthier alternatives to improve quality of life for Canadians through products that fight disease, protect crops and animals, and provide high-performance materials for numerous daily life uses. The CHS is proud to be in a partnership with Bayer Canada in order to offer this important Research Program.

Depending upon the number and quality of applications, funding for different amounts is possible, as is the offering of more than one research grant, within however, the allotted total budget stated above.

For more information and application instructions, click here.

Agency Name: 
Canadian Hemophilia Society
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Grant Amount: 
The primary intent of this program is to offer one or two $30,000 research grants, to a maximum of $60,000 for one year.
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External Deadline: 
Monday, January 18, 2021
Internal Deadline: 
Monday, January 11, 2021
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