Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network (CLLRN) Awards

The Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network (CLLRN) awards three (3) prizes annually:

President’s Medal

Established in 2006, the President’s Medal is awarded annually to a Network researcher for excellence in research and innovation. The winner of the President’s Medal will be the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network’s nominee for the NCE Board Chairs’ Award, which is presented at the NCE Annual Meeting each December. The Board Chairs’ Award will be a cash prize valued at $15,000.

Judges for both the Medal and Award consider six elements, each holding equal weight:

  • The research
  • The generation and use of highly qualified personnel
  • Networking
  • Outcomes and Impact
  • How the Award will be used
  • The quality of the presentation

Complete details, including application and submission are included in the complete submission package.

NCE Chairs’ Award

Introduced in 2006, the NCE Chairs’ Award recognizes brilliant researchers who have contributed to achieving NCE goals with the support of their network, mobilized the excellence of Canada’s research talent in the academic and private sectors, and achieved economic and social benefits for Canadians. This tax-free $15,000 award is made possible through the generous contributions of NCE industry partners in recognition of the significant value they derive from their ongoing collaborations with NCE researchers.

Chairs’ Award Process

  • Phase I – Each participating NCE organizes an internal competition and decorates one medalist who submitted an outstanding essay.
  • Phase II – NCE Awards Selection Committee reviews essays from all NCE medalists and identifies ultimate winner of NCE Board Chairs’ Award – prize $15,000.

Young Innovator’s Award

The Young Innovators Awards program recognizes the young entrepreneurs by honouring outstanding individuals who, with the help of their networks, have been exceptionally successful in transferring their innovative research to a business, process, or service to benefit society at large. The award selection takes into account the needs of the users and constraints of their context of activities, the adaptation of research dissemination for the needs of users, and the depth of the mechanisms of exchange, including the social or institutional mechanisms of linkages between the candidate and the users.


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