Canadian Centre on Substance Use & Addiction | Request for Proposals

CCSA is seeking a contractor to conduct an international scan of population surveys that measure patterns of cannabis use and related behaviours (e.g., polysubstance use, driving after cannabis use). The scan will inform the development of a menu of questions for measuring key indicators that will be publicly available. The project deliverable is a report that provides:

  • A list of surveys reviewed with information about country and language or languages, sample, frequency and method, including whether the survey is nationally representative; and  
  • A list of questions categorized and in table form, and indicating the survey or surveys in which they appear.

Proposals must clearly indicate how they respond to the project requirements, the data sources that will be used and how data will be accessed. Proposals should indicate anticipated data gaps or barriers to access and how these will be addressed. Proposals should also include a knowledge mobilization component that provides a plan for disseminating findings.


This RFP is an open call to academics, researchers, health practitioners, universities and other stakeholders in the field of substance use and addiction to provide a comprehensive proposal to address the priority areas of cannabis research identified above. Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of cannabis policy and have experience in research methodologies using relevant data sources to conduct evidence-based work.

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Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addition
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Friday, October 29, 2021
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Friday, October 22, 2021
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