Canadian Cancer Society - Translational Awards

The Translational Research Partnership Program supports collaborative projects in cancer research to help accelerate the development of new treatments and/or technologies for the benefit of patients. Our Translational Research Partnership strategy is bold and ambitious. We aim to break down the boundaries between research disciplines, which may include researchers from non-cancer backgrounds, in order to find innovative solutions to prevent, detect and treat cancer. We partner with a range of organizations to maximize the impact of research on patient outcomes.

Goal:To support collaborative and pivotal translational research projects

Applicant Eligibility: All applicants and co-applicants must hold an academic appointment at a Canadian university or accredited research institutions.

Project Eligibility:

Projects must meet the following conditions:

  • Be translational research and may include clinical trial studies
    • Basic research projects are out of scope
  • Aim the development of a therapeutic and/or novel technologies
  • Have excellent preliminary data to support the proposed project

Research Team: The research team must consist of at least one principal investigator and one co-investigator. The inclusion of a variety of non-cancer disciplines is encouraged to drive the development of novel technologies and to take thinking from other fields that have not yet been applied to cancer.

Selection Criteria:

All projects are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific excellence and innovativeness of proposed project
  • Expertise of the multidisciplinary team
  • Quality of preliminary data and feasibility
  • Financial partner’s engagement
  • Anticipated benefits for cancer patients

Application Deadline: There is no deadline associated with this program

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Canadian Cancer Society
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Keiko McFarland (
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Total budget:A maximum of $1,500,000 over up to 3 years per project of which up to 50% may come from the Cancer Research Society.
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