APRI - IDeal Program

The IDeal Program, also known as the Innovation and Delivery Program, was created to encourage collaboration among industry, Alberta universities and research institutions. The Alberta Prion Research Institute invites applications for research and development projects undertaken by Alberta-based private sector organizations or public sector researchers and their private sector partners. A private sector partner may be a company, an industry association or similar body. Direct project costs are shared by private sector partners and the funders. IDeal grants are typically of an applied nature and directed at a specific challenge identified by the private sector partner and the industry. Themes accessible for funding are:

  • Protein folding and misfolding in prion diseases;
  • The pathobiology of TSEs;
  • Surveillance and control of prion diseases;
  • Diagnostic technologies;
  • Solutions to enhance market access;
  • Innovative disposal and/or uses of specified risk material;
  • TSEs and society;
  • Protein folding and misfolding in prion-like human neurodegenerative diseases; and
  • Prion-like mechanisms in human neurodegenerative diseases.
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Alberta Prion Research Institute
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Funding may be up to $500,000. Projects may range from one to three years in duration.
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