Alzheimer's Diagnostics Accelerator: Digital Biomarkers Program

The Diagnostics Accelerator challenges the research community to develop cutting-edge biomarkers and explore novel diagnostic technologies that will aid in Alzheimer’s diagnosis and clinical trial design. Research funded to date focuses on various methods and targets including blood tests in various stages of development, as well as eye scans and digital tools.

These awards focus on true collaboration among renown clinicians, who are directly involved with patients and understand the disease, scientists who are developing the tests, and diagnostics companies that understand the regulatory pathways – driving research and product development.


Funding Priorities

Platforms: A variety of digital platforms such as portables, sensors, or software are encouraged. The proposed platform should have the potential to be easily deployed at scale. Passive approaches to data collection are encouraged.

Examples of digital approaches include, but are not limited to:

  • Wearables devices (e.g., smart watch)
  • Mobile/tablet apps
  • Smart home systems
  • Virtual and augmented reality platforms
  • Desktop/web apps

Symptom domains of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Cognition (e.g. memory, processing speed, executive function, or geolocation)
  • Activities of Daily Living (instrumental basic activities or higher order activities)
  • Motor function (e.g. gait, body motion, or fine motor skills including tapping, swiping, and tracing on touchscreens)
  • Sensory Acuity (e.g. hearing, smell)
  • Affect (e.g. mood, facial expression)
  • Sleep Patterns and Characteristics
  • Oculomotor (e.g. eye movement)
  • Pain Assessment
  • Autonomic Nervous Function (e.g. heart rate, galvanic skin response)

Funding is open to researchers and clinicians worldwide at:

  • Academic medical centers and universities or nonprofits
    Industry partnerships are strongly encouraged.
  • For profit companies
    Funding is provided through mission-related investments that require return on investment. Existing companies and new spinouts are both eligible

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