Alzheimer's Association | Clinician Scientist Fellowship Program

The Alzheimer's Association recognizes the need to support the training of clinician scientists in Alzheimer's and all other dementias. For the purpose of this program, a clinician scientist is defined as an individual already trained, licensed and practicing in a clinical field that includes patient contact (e.g., neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics, psychology) or patient-related diagnostic studies (e.g., neuropathology and radiology).

Applicants who are with within 10 years of receiving their M.D., D.O. or Ph.D. (or equivalent) and have licensure for clinical practice, including postdoctoral fellows through Assistant Professors, are eligible. Positions higher than Assistant Professor will not be considered.


Applicants must be clinicians (clinical fellows, postdoctoral fellows through assistant professors; or equivalent positions) interested in an academic career who have:

  • Full-time positions at a recognized non- academic institution and;
  • Less than 10 years of research experience after receipt of their terminal degree and;
  • Licensure for clinical practice

October 8: LOI Deadline
October 25: LOI Notifications
November 19: Full application due
February 15: Award notifications will happen before this date

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Agency Name: 
Alzheimer's Association
Contact Name:
Grant Amount: 
$175,000 maximum over 3 years
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Monday, November 1, 2021
Internal Deadline: 
Monday, November 1, 2021
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Grant Eligibility: