2024 Spring Clinical Pilot and Feasibility Award


  • United States residents and applicants from outside the United States are welcome to apply.
  • International applicants and institutions are required to submit additional information in accordance with USA Patriot Act and the U.S. Department of Treasury Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines (refer to the grant guidelines section IV.10.L for more information).
  • Applicants must be independent investigators. An independent investigator is an individual who is out of fellowship training and whose institution allows them to submit applications for research funding as a Principal Investigator.
  • New or established investigators with no previous work in cystic fibrosis research who wish to apply their expertise to a problem in this area.
  • Candidates who are clinical fellows should apply to the CFF Clinical Fellowship program for the appropriate year.
  • Candidates who are postdoctoral fellows should apply to the CFF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program. Industry-sponsored research projects are not eligible to apply through this program and instead should consider applying to the Therapeutics Development Awards program.


The 2024 Spring Clinical Pilot and Feasibility Awards are offered to support projects involving human subjects  that will develop and test new hypotheses and/or new methods (or those being applied to the problems of cystic fibrosis for the first time), and to support promising new investigators as they establish themselves in research areas relevant to cystic fibrosis. The intent of these awards is to enable investigators to collect sufficient preliminary data to determine the best strategies and methods for approaching a major question that ultimately will require assessment through a larger-scale research and/or multi-center, collaborative trial. Special consideration will be given to those projects that pursue new approaches, study under-researched topics, or investigate more creative avenues of research to address the problems of CF. Applications for continued funding of existing projects, or for long-term support of an investigator, will not be considered.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation regularly assesses its key research priorities to ensure we are on track to accomplish our mission to cure CF and to provide people with CF the opportunity to lead long lives. Applicants are encouraged to align submissions to these priorities to maximize their potential for being funded. Key research priorities for applicants are outlined in further detail in Applicant Resources.

Areas of Encouragement:

Areas of Encouragement are research topics that are considered gaps in our knowledge in the detection and monitoring, diagnosis, or treatment of a CF complication. A complete list of the Areas of Encouragement can be found in section VI of the Program Guidelines.

Agency Name: 
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Contact Name: 
Keiko McFarland
Grant Amount: 
$80,000 - $150,000 over two years
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Internal Deadline: 
Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Grant Eligibility: