2022 NAVIGATOR Research Competition


Our mission at HSC is to improve the quality of life for those affected by Huntington disease. One of the ways that we address our mission is by investing in promising research.

The Navigator Research Program has been providing funding to support HD researchers since 2003 with awards up to $75,000/year for 1-2 years.


$75,000 per year for one or two years


Individuals holding a full-time faculty appointment in an appropriate discipline at a Canadian university, research institute, or hospital are eligible to apply for funding through the NAVIGATOR Research Program.



All applications for funding through the NAVIGATOR Research Program are subject to review by the Society’s Research Council, which may elect to enlist external reviewers with particular expertise in the appropriate area.

The criteria for evaluating applications are:

The direct and immediate relevance of the work proposed to Huntington Disease (i.e., improved understanding of pathogenic mechanisms; significance with respect to the development of new treatments); the scientific excellence of the research proposal; the potential relevance of the work to other neurodegenerative disorders; the specific rationale and budget rationale for support (i.e. how will support enable the laboratory to pursue research not funded from other sources, and contribute to the emergence of special areas of expertise).


Full Application (maximum 4 pages)

  1. i) Full applications (electronic copy) due no later than 3pm ET on May 31 2022
  2. ii) The application form is available Here (link to application) and must comply with the requirement to include an appropriate structured lay summary of the proposed work.

iii) Comprehensive CV of the PI should be completed using the NIH Biosketch format.


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Contact Name: 
Grant Amount: 
$75,000/year up to two years
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Internal Deadline: 
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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