2020 Brain Tumour Research Feature Grant - Glioblastoma

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to reaching every Canadian affected by a brain tumour through support, education, information, and research.

We are currently seeking outstanding researchers conducting research relevant to Glioblastoma. All such proposals will be given serious consideration.

Applications can be from multidisciplinary teams or individual investigators. Multidisciplinary collaborations are encouraged, yet applications must be submitted by the lead investigator.

Applications will be considered for Basic, Clinical or Translational Research.

Basic Research: In this context, ‘Basic’ research involves the development of new concepts (eg. signaling pathways using an in vitro model). Basic science research is meant to increase our scientific knowledge base, with the intent of bettering our understanding of the cause and progression of brain tumours.

Clinical Research: In this context, ‘Clinical’ is defined as research that involves a particular person or group of people. This includes treatment trials, epidemiological studies, quality of life studies, outcomes, health services research or other patient-oriented research. The process of clinical research must protect personal data.

Translational Research: In this context, ‘Translational’ is defined as pre-clinical research evaluating the therapeutic potential of recent discoveries in the basic mechanisms of either brain tumour pathogenesis or experimental therapeutics. Human studies are excluded.


Applications for grants of up to $50,000 will be considered.


  • Qualitative or Quantitative Studies
  • Case Control or Cohort Studies
  • Clinical Studies
  • Health, economics and Service Systems
  • Methodology Development
  • Development of Measurement Tools
  • Efficacy or Effectiveness of Novel Interventions


2020 Brain Tumour Research Feature Grant Guidelines: Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada 2 Funding is awarded for projects that are expected to be completed within two years time. Funds will be released once approved copy of ethics is provided. Official documentation of account balance is required with each report and unused funds exceeding $3000 will be required to be returned to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada upon completion of the project.


Researchers who receive a grant from Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada are required to submit annual reports for the duration of your project. This includes a lay summary of the project outcomes, presentations and posters to date and an official accounting of the project from awarded financial department. The first report is due one year after the funds are disbursed.

A final report is expected once the project is complete. Grant support from Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada must be acknowledged in all publications, presentations and posters. Notification of any publications resulting from the project should also be forwarded to Susan Ruypers. This information will be shared on our website, with our donors, supporters, and other individuals through our publications and at events organized by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, for patients and medical professionals.

A financial report is required at both stages of the above in the format used by awarded institution.


  1. Qualifications of applicant
  2. Quality of the research proposal
  3. Ability of proposed laboratory or institution to conduct the project

LOCATION CRITERA: Funds will be granted across Canada for projects to be performed in Canada.

For more information and to download applicaiton, visit https://www.braintumour.ca/current-funding-opportunities/

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Friday, October 16, 2020
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Friday, October 2, 2020
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Natural Science
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