Lethbridge Transit manages the city's public transportation system.


The Universal Transit Pass (UPass) gives students enrolled at the University of Lethbridge unlimited access to local transit during each term they are registered for classes. It is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and safe way to navigate Lethbridge.

The UPass fee is assessed each term and the cost is equivalent to a one-month Lethbridge Transit adult pass. Currently, this is $77.00 plus a $5.00 administration fee. The total cost of a four-month term UPass is $82.00. The charge will appear on your student account on the Bridge.

* Note: A Lethbridge Transit post-secondary term (four-month) pass is currently priced at $289.00, reducing the cost of a pass by $207.00 each term! 

Learn more about UPass.

Planning your trip

If you're not familiar with the city's bus routes and schedules and need a little help, try using myRide, Lethbridge Transit's travel planning tool.