Learn to Think

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Liberal education has been the foundation of uLethbridge since our inception in 1967. It’s an education philosophy that began in ancient Greece with Socrates, who believed individuals should base their opinions on reason and not popular belief. Liberal education also encourages students to be active citizens involved in their communities because learning happens both inside and out of the classroom.

At uLethbridge, you learn how to think; not what to think. You are a student of the world, preparing not only for the careers of the future, but also creating a better tomorrow.

It’s a job description that requires a toolkit of skills: big-picture thinking, adaptability, problem-solving, effective communication, information literacy and the drive to be a lifelong learner.

Our unique, four-pillar approach to liberal education enables you to explore a variety of subjects, integrate knowledge across disciplines and discover what you’re passionate about, helping you develop the critical-thinking and analytical skills you’ll need to make a difference in the world in the years ahead.