A Place to Shine

8,987 students (September 2020)
150+ program options
71% of students come from outside Lethbridge
34 average class size
15:1 student-faculty ratio
The average entering grade for high school students: 80%
Approximately, 1,600 students graduate annually

2nd: Ranked second in undergraduate universities, Maclean’s University Rankings, 2021
4th: Ranked fourth in Student Services, Maclean’s University Rankings, 2021
2nd: Canada's research universities (undergraduate category) Re$earch Infosource Inc., 2020
2 campuses (Lethbridge and Calgary)
1 common purpose: YOU

About uLethbridge:

  • School Motto: Fiat Lux, Latin, meaning Let There Be Light.
  • School Colours: Blue and Gold
  • uLethbridge’s Blackfoot name: Iniskim, meaning Sacred Buffalo Stone.
  • Mascot: Luxie — the pronghorn — the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere.
  • School tradition: Stroke the bronzed pronghorn statue outside the University Library before exams. Legend has it this brings good luck.
  • Established: 1967

Points of Pride:

  • Some of the world's best and most accomplished researchers are YOUR TEACHERS, like renowned scientist and one of the founders of behavioural neuroscience, Dr. Robert Sutherland (who is the Chair of uLethbridge's Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience).
  • Our education program is one of the leading programs in the country.You receive 27 weeks of off-campus practicum experience, teaching in multiple settings, such as elementary AND secondary schools (unique to uLethbridge). Your professors are teachers who have all taught in K-12 classrooms and balance theory with practice.
  • Our digital audio arts major,the most comprehensive degree program of its kind in Western Canada, combines academic courses and a classical music base with experiences in audio engineering, music production and the sonic arts.
  • The addictions counselling program is the only baccalaureate program of its kind in Canada.
  • Dhillon School of Business students graduate with a competitive advantage. Through the Student Professional Development Program, offered on both the Calgary and Lethbridge campuses, students take part in workshops, industry networking events, academic competitions and student clubs which provide incredible opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • The Arts & Science co-op program offers work experiences for EVERY major at both the undergraduate (CAFCE accredited) and graduate levels. uLethbridge is the only university in Alberta to do this!
  • Health sciences program sets graduates up for employment! You understand the theory behind the work you are doing and know how to apply it in practice.
  • Through the School of Graduate Studies, we offer master's degrees in arts (humanities and social sciences), fine arts, music, sciences, management, education, counselling, and health sciences in an array of disciplines, as well as PhDs in multidisciplinary areas.
  • uLethbridge is home to leading research centres and institutes that bring researchers together from across disciplines to address issues that affect our world and beyond.

Are you a science student of the future? Science Commons, the newest facility at uLethbridge, adds state-of-the-art learning and research spaces on campus. It is Canada's most advanced facility for science research and education.