Veterinary Medicine (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Calgary)

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Program description

Students at the University of Lethbridge prepare themselves to apply for admission to a number of professional programs offered at other institutions, like veterinary medicine at the University of Calgary. Students will gain the necessary course work and experience to apply to veterinary medicine at uCalgary by pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BSc) at uLethbridge with a major in:

Most successful applicants to veterinary medicine programs will have completed a baccalaureate degree prior to admission. However, to be considered, prospective students must have completed a minimum of two full years of university courses at the time of application. Students should refer to the current Academic Calendar for a list minimum admission requirements.

Interested students should refer to the program planning guide for detailed information about the veterinary medicine program, relevant uLethbridge BSc degrees (e.g. biological sciences) and recommended courses.

The veterinary medicine (University of Calgary) enclosure is located within the preparatory programs section of the Program Planning Guides page. Please refer to the year of your intended start (e.g. 2021/2022).

The likelihood of acceptance increases with the level of education achieved. Admission to veterinary medicine is not solely based on the courses completed and the GPA obtained, academic and extracurricular involvement at the uLethbridge is strongly recommended. This can include applied studies, co-operative education and volunteering.

Dream big, and have the confidence in your education to get you there. Make uLethbridge your destination.

Possible careers


Sample classes

· Cellular Basis of Life
· Diversity of Life
· Principles of Genetics
· General Chemistry I&II|
· Organic Chemistry I&II
· Introductory Biochemistry
· Introduction to Probability & Statistics

Additional information

Specific pre-requisites for this program will depend on the chosen major. For example students choosing Biological Sciences as a major are required to have: Biology 30, Chemistry 30 and Mathematics 30-1 as high school prerequisites. Be sure to refer to the High School Prerequisites page to make sure you meet the program requirements.