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  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Management as a Second Degree
  • Combined degrees with Management (Lethbridge campus)


  • Lethbridge


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Program description

Political science is the systematic study of government, politics and political behaviour. It looks at how political conflict is organized and resolved, how rulers are chosen, how governmental decisions are taken and what policies and laws are determined and implemented. This can be done looking at Canada as a whole, to our provincial and local governments, to other countries and the relations among countries. It also considers how political actors understand their obligations towards one another and the degree to which decisions are ethically determined or out of convenience.

As a political science major, you will study the principles, organizations, and administration of government. The major includes both management and political science courses. The political science major offers flexibility to choose courses that fit your personal and career interests. In addition to the required courses, political science majors can choose six political science and three management electives.

You can also choose a minor to enhance your knowledge in a secondary line of study. Many minors complement political science well such as accounting, family and small business management, marketing, indigenous business management; indigenous governance; international management. Learn more about our available minors.


Why take political science at the Dhillon School of Business

As a political science major in the Dhillon School of business, you’ll get to better understand political conflict, governance and political leadership while also learning about organizational processes and decision making. By completing this major you will be well suited to work in various levels of government, international relations, public policy and governmental relations within organizations.  

Many of our students also enrol in co-operative education while at the Dhillon School of Business. Co-op allows you to get paid work experience before you graduate and can even help you land a job immediately after graduation.


Employment stats for a career in political science*


Dhillon School of Business - Finance job postings

Job postings in the last 12 months


  • Canada: 940
  • Alberta: 252


Dhillon School of Business - Finance salary

Average salary 


  • Canada (0-5 years of experience): $72,400
  • Canada (6+ years of experience): N/A
  • Alberta (0-5 years of experience): $80,100
  • Alberta (6+ years of experience): N/A


Dhillon School of Business - Finance

Top employers hiring



  • Government of Alberta
  • Baycrest
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • City of Calgary


  • City of Calgary
  • Government of Alberta
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Ballard Consulting Group
  • Stantec

* Employment data provided by Lightcast 2023. 


The advantages of being a Dhillon School of Business student

Experiential learning

You’ll have lots of opportunities to apply the theories you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life, hands-on situations as well as programs to help you connect with our student community. As a Dhillon student, you'll have access to these experiential programs and more:

Visit our Dhillon School of Business website to learn more about student experience opportunities.

Education that’s personal

Our students say they chose the Dhillon School of Business because of the smaller class sizes and more personal and supportive approach to teaching. Here you’ll get many opportunities to connect and interact with your professors and peers to set you up for success.

Flexible study options

Whether you’re a traditional student interested in our Lethbridge campus with full-time classes during the day or a working professional interested in the Calgary Campus’s evening and weekend classes, we have a flexible study option for you.

Internationally recognized for quality

As an AACSB accredited business school, the Dhillon School of Business have met very rigorous quality standards proven to provide you with the best in business education worldwide. You can trust that your education here will give you a distinct advantage in the real world including more competitive salaries, more employers interested in you after graduation and more. See all our professional accreditations and designations.


Possible careers

Dhillon School of Business - Finance job postings

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada*

  • Policy analyst
  • Research analyst
  • Contract specialist 
  • Research assistant 
  • Contract administrator 

Other possible careers

  • Campaign management
  • Copyright management
  • Foreign service
  • Fundraising
  • Journalism
  • Lobbying
  • Policy studies
  • Political advising
  • Political organization management
  • Public affairs
  • Public administration
  • Public office
  • Public relations
  • Public works
  • Social services administration
  • Voting research

Admission requirements


​For admission, Canadian high school students in Alberta must have completed five of the following courses with a minimum 65% average across them:

This course
  • English Language Arts 30-1
Three of these courses
  • Aboriginal Studies 30
  • Art 30 or Art 31
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Choral Music 30, General Music 30, or Instrumental Music 30
  • Dance 35
  • Drama 30
  • Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2
  • Mathematics 31
  • Physics 30
  • Science 30
  • Social Studies 30-1
  • Five credits in Advanced-level CTS Computer Science (CSE)
  • One or more distinct languages at the 30 level
One additional
  • That has not already been used
  • May be from the list above
  • Must be at the 30 level
  • Must be worth at least five credits (multiple courses worth a total of five or more credits can be used)
  • Cannot be a Special Project


This program also requires

One of the courses you include must be:

  • Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2



First year cost estimator

For Political Science (Management)

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Sample classes

  • Political Science 2240: The Administration of Justice
  • MGT 2700: Business Research Methods
  • Political Science 3160: International Law and Organization
  • MGT 380: Managerial Skill Development
  • Political Science 3522: Religion and Politics in the World

For a complete list of courses available in our Political Science program, check out our program planning guide (PDF).