Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF)

Manage real money, in real markets, making real investments.

Imagine having access to $150,000 of real money to invest in financial markets using the same tools and technology available to today's investment professionals. The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) lets students enrolled in this two-course program with the unique opportunity to do just that, as well as gain practical experience in investment analysis and portfolio management to better prepare for a career in the investment industry. Students involved in this program will get access to our state-of-the art Centre for Financial Market Research and Teaching (CFMRT), the only its kind in western Canada and with locations in Lethbridge and Calgary, to manage their portfolio.

You'll also have an opportunity to interact and network with industry experts and other business students interested in finance. In addition to faculty supervision, you'll receive guidance on trading activities from an advisory board comprised of external investment professionals, internal faculty members and legal experts.

You can see what our faculty member Wilf Roesler and students have to say about the SMIF here:

Wilf Roesler: Learning Through Real World Experience

How it works

SMIF is comprised of one course offered over two consecutive semesters (Fall & Spring OR Spring & Fall). You will work with a group of your peers to invest real money in the financial markets. New to Spring ‘21: students may now begin SMIF in the Spring OR Fall term. If you meet the prerequisites provided below, you may register yourself in the first term of SMIF (MGT 4470). If you do not meet the below prerequisites, you may still apply to be considered for SMIF using the online application.


  • A minimum U of L Cumulative GPA of 3.30
  • Management 3412 with a minimum final grade of B
  • Management 3470 (May also be taken as a corequisite in the first term of SMIF)
  • One of Economics 2900 OR Statistics 2780

Note: MGT 4470 and 4471 must be taken in sequence (Fall > Spring OR Spring > Fall) in order to receive credit. Also note MGT 4470 and 4471 will change course codes to FINC 4470 and 4471 effective Fall ‘21.

You may also to talk to an advisor to see how this course fits into your program.

Start managing your portfolio today

If you do not meet the prerequisites listed above, you may fill out the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) application form to be considered for SMIF!

For any questions or general inquiries, please contact an academic advisor.