Computer Science (Management)

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Options available

  • Bachelor of Management
  • Combined degrees with Management (Note: Computer Science must be used on the Bachelor of Science side of a Combined Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management)
  • Bachelor of Management as a Second Degree


  • Lethbridge


Fall & Spring

Program description

Computer science is a science that has revolutionized the world and advances are being made constantly. Computer science spans theory and practice, and requires you to think and problem solve in abstract and concrete terms. In short, getting computers to do what you want them to do requires intensive hands-on experience.

As a computer science major you will get a broad technical knowledge that will allow you to tackle difficult problems using a variety of hardware, software and programming languages, as well as learn to communicate your expertise to others. Among the areas you'll study are programming, digital systems, database management systems, data structures and computer architecture.

You can also choose a minor to enhance your knowledge in a secondary line of study. Many minors complement computer science well including accounting, family and small business management, fintech and financial innovation, marketing, math, and supply chain and operations management. Learn more about our available minors.

Note: If you’re completing a Combined Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management, the computer science major must be used on the Bachelor of Science side.


Why take computer science at the Dhillon School of Business?

The demand for skilled individuals in the field of computer science has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. That means most graduates have careers programming in industry, where a constant shortage of computer scientists results in steady employment.

As a computer science major at the Dhillon School of Business, you’ll be able to pursue your passions in the in-demand areas of business and computing science, giving you lots of options after graduation. While you explore key principles of programming, data and software development, you’ll also be learning the important skills needed to either manage organizations or branch out as an entrepreneur. Your business and computer science skills will also allow you to better understand how to create software to support and automate organizational functions, setting you up to be an integral part of business success.

Many of our students also enrol in co-operative education while at the Dhillon School of Business. Co-op allows you to get paid work experience before you graduate and can even help you land a job immediately after graduation.


Employment stats for a career in computer science*


Dhillon School of Business - Finance job postings

Job postings in the last 12 months


  • Canada: 17,178
  • Alberta: 1,431


Dhillon School of Business - Finance salary

Average salary 


  • Canada (0-5 years of experience): $79,200
  • Canada (6+ years of experience): $109,300
  • Alberta (0-5 years of experience): $83,200
  • Alberta (6+ years of experience): $111,600


Dhillon School of Business - Finance

Top employers hiring



  • TD Bank
  • 3M
  • Bombardier
  • Scotiabank
  • RBC


  • Enbridge
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Nutrien
  • Suncor Energy

* Employment data provided by Lightcast 2023. 


The advantages of being a Dhillon School of Business student

Experiential learning

You’ll have lots of opportunities to apply the theories you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life, hands-on situations as well as programs to help you connect with our student community. As a Dhillon student, you'll have access to these experiential programs and more:

Visit our Dhillon School of Business website to learn more about student experience opportunities.

Education that’s personal

Our students say they chose the Dhillon School of Business because of the smaller class sizes and more personal and supportive approach to teaching. Here you’ll get many opportunities to connect and interact with your professors and peers to set you up for success.

Flexible study options

Whether you’re a traditional student interested in our Lethbridge campus with full-time classes during the day or a working professional interested in the Calgary Campus’s evening and weekend classes, we have a flexible study option for you.

Internationally recognized for quality

As an AACSB accredited business school, the Dhillon School of Business have met very rigorous quality standards proven to provide you with the best in business education worldwide. You can trust that your education here will give you a distinct advantage in the real world including more competitive salaries, more employers interested in you after graduation and more. See all our professional accreditations and designations.


Possible careers

Dhillon School of Business - Finance job postings

Top job titles in Alberta and/or Canada*

  • Systems administrator
  • Data engineer 
  • Process Engineers
  • IT manager
  • Solutions architect


Other possible careers

  • Technical support representative
  • Computer graphics technician
  • Senior applications planner
  • Telecommunications manager
  • Automated systems designer
  • Artificial intelligence developer
  • Curriculum developer
  • Communications control technician
  • Systems programmer
  • Statistician
  • Technical information specialist

Admission requirements


​For admission, Canadian high school students in Alberta must have completed five of the following courses with a minimum 65% average across them:

This course
  • English Language Arts 30-1
Three of these courses
  • Aboriginal Studies 30
  • Art 30 or Art 31
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Choral Music 30, General Music 30, or Instrumental Music 30
  • Dance 35
  • Drama 30
  • Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2
  • Mathematics 31
  • Physics 30
  • Science 30
  • Social Studies 30-1
  • Five credits in Advanced-level CTS Computer Science (CSE)
  • One or more distinct languages at the 30 level
One additional
  • That has not already been used
  • May be from the list above
  • Must be at the 30 level
  • Must be worth at least five credits (multiple courses worth a total of five or more credits can be used)
  • Cannot be a Special Project


This program also requires

One of the courses you include must be:

  • Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2



First year cost estimator

For Computer Science (Management)

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Sample classes

  • MGT 3062: Information Systems and Data Analytics 
  • Computer Science 3740: Programming Languages
  • HRLR 2030: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour 
  • Computer Science 2720: Practical Software Development 
  • FINC 3040: Finance

For a complete list of courses available in our Computer Science program, check out our program planning guide (PDF).