Computer Science (Management)

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Degrees available

  • Bachelor of Management
  • Combined degrees with Management (Note: Computer Science must be used on the Bachelor of Science side of a Combined Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management)
  • Bachelor of Management as a Second Degree


  • Lethbridge


Fall & Spring

Program description

The demand for skilled individuals in the field of computer science has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. By studying computer science at uLethbridge, you will gain a broad technical knowledge, coupled with a sound liberal education. You'll graduate knowing how to tackle difficult problems using a variety of hardware, software, and programming languages, and to communicate your expertise to others.

Computer science spans theory and practice, and requires thinking in abstract and concrete terms. The practical side of computing can be seen everywhere — a myriad of us walk around with miniature computers/smartphones in our pockets, and many can even program them. Getting computers to do what you want them to do requires intensive hands-on experience. On a higher level, computer science can also be considered a science of problem solving.

About the Computer Science major

As a computer science major, you'll be involved in a science that has revolutionized the world. Astonishing advances are being made constantly and intense research is carried out by our faculty and students. Among the areas you'll study are programming, digital systems, database management systems, data structures, and computer architecture. Most graduates have careers programming in industry, where a constant shortage of computer scientists results in steady employment.

Note: Computer Science must be used on the Bachelor of Science side of a Combined Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Management

AACSB accreditation

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International is the world’s largest global business education network and the Dhillon School of Business is part of only six per cent of business schools worldwide accredited by this international network.

Students who graduate from an AACSB accredited school are contenders for careers with top, global organizations who only hire from AACSB accredited schools; they are offered more competitive salaries; they have a better chance of getting into graduate programs; and they have more employers interested in them after graduation.

When you graduate from the Dhillon School of Business you’ll get all these AACSB benefits as well as the assurance of the highest quality and most relevant education out there.

Additional opportunities

Once you have chosen your major, consider the option of working toward a secondary area of focus. A minor will enhance a student's resume and be recognized on their transcript. Learn more about our available minors.

Experiential education opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to apply the theories they've learned in the classroom to real-life, hands-on situations. As a Dhillon student, you'll have access to these programs and more:

You can also visit our Dhillon School of Business website to learn about more student experience opportunities.

Management Certificate

If you’re changing your focus professionally or if you do not wish to pursue an entire degree, complete a management certificate in this area of study.

Possible careers

  • Technical Support Representative
  • Computer Graphics Technician
  • Senior Applications Planner
  • Systems Analysis
  • Telecommunications Manager
  • Automated Systems Designer
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Communications Control Technician
  • Systems Programmer
  • Statistician
  • Technical Information Specialist

Sample classes

  • MGT 3062: Information Systems and Data Analytics 
  • Computer Science 3740: Programming Languages
  • HRLR 2030: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour 
  • Computer Science 2720: Practical Software Development 
  • FINC 3040: Finance

For a complete list of courses available in our Computer Science program, check out our program planning guide (PDF).

Additional information

Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2

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