Housing FAQ's

Housing applications open September 15 for the following academic year. You should apply for on-campus housing once you have applied to the University and have received your student ID number. You do not need to wait for an offer of admission. On-campus Housing is not guaranteed to all students, so the earlier you apply, the greater your chances of being successful. Here are some important deadlines to keep in mind:

  • January 15 - New High School Students - Early Bird Draw Deadline
  • April 1 - New Student to ULethbridge - Lottery Draw Deadline

Housing options for recent high school graduates (or those who graduated from high school the previous year). Students who apply by the dates above will be entered into the lottery draw for 70% of the rooms available to recent high school graduates. The remaining 30% of rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the student’s application date combined with the suitability of the rooms available. Students can submit a housing application online at ulethbridge.ca/housing

Housing options for all other student groups: ULethbridge has 520 beds available in on-campus housing to students following their first year. Rooms in Mount Blakiston House Apartments, Siksika & Tsuu T'ina House Townhomes, and Campus Village Townhomes are available to students who are in their second year or later of post-secondary studies, transfer, mature or graduate students are eligible to apply for a space in these buildings.

Spots in on-campus housing are not guaranteed for any student. For recent high school graduates, the first 70% of rooms are offered out through the lottery provided they have applied before April 1. The remaining 30% of the rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the student’s application date combined with suitability of the rooms available. The earlier a student applies, the more opportunities they have to receive a room offer.

No, you do not need an offer of admission before applying to on-campus housing. Once you have been assigned a student ID number, you can submit an application for on-campus housing. It's advised to apply early to increase your chances to be offered a spot on-campus. Housing applications open on September 15th for the next academic year. To apply, visit ulethbridge.ca/housing

No, to apply for a room in residence, you need to fill out a separate application. Once a student has applied to the University and received a student ID number, they can fill out the Housing application found online at https://www.ulethbridge.ca/housing

We have a number of spaces in on-campus housing for first-year students. There are dormitory-style rooms located in University Hall and apartment-style in Kainai and Piikani House. In University Hall, there are six different dormitory styles ranging from shared dorms to single dorms and suites. In Kainai and Piikani Houses, there are 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments. Learn more about the different styles of first-year rooms.

There are three buildings allocated for first-year students. University Hall has dormitory-style rooms. Kainai and Piikani Houses are apartment buildings with 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments. When you fill out your Housing application, you can rank rooms in order of preference based on the areas you wish to live. However, your preference is not guaranteed depending on the availability of your preferred location. Learn more about residence building styles.

Yes! Absolutely. ULethbridge has Housing options for after their first year of University. Rooms in Mount Blakiston Apartment Building, Siksika & Tsuu T'ina Single Student townhomes, and Residence Village Townhomes are available. Students in the second year of studies or later are eligible to apply for a space in these buildings.

Room offers for recent high school graduates usually start being sent in early March to your ULethbridge email account, so be sure to check uLeth email. Students have approximately three weeks to accept their offer. Log in to Outlook to access your email account.

See Housing Services’ Offer of Accommodation Timeline – Here

If you choose to live on-campus during your first year and are located in a room in University Hall, Piikani House, or Kainai House, the dining plan is mandatory. Students are able to use their dining plan at a number of locations all across campus, including Urban Market, Starbuck’s, Tim Hortons, Subway, Booster Juice and more. Recent high school graduates may not opt out of the dining plan. On-campus housing for all other student groups (mature, transfer, continuing, graduate etc.) dining plan is not mandatory. Learn more about the dining plan.

On your Housing application, there is a spot where you can request living with a specific person. To be considered, you both:

  • Must be eligible to live in the same residence buildings and rooms
  • Request one another
  • Fill out the lifestyle portion of the housing application with the same criteria

Students who wish to live together can be placed together as roommates if they meet the criteria above; however, roommate requests are not guaranteed. For more information about requesting roommates, contact Housing Services at housing@uleth.ca.

If you and your friend are both offered rooms in residence in the same building and style, then you may be eligible to be roommates. While housing will try to accommodate roommate requests where possible, they are not guaranteed. We understand that starting university may be scary but living in residence is a great opportunity to meet new people. You never know, your roommate may become your future best friend!

To qualify for on-campus housing you must be a full-time student. Priority is given to students who live outside the 100 km radius of Lethbridge city limits. For information about off-campus housing, check out /offcampushousing

Buildings in on-campus housing are all-gender; however, first-year dormitories and suites are not. Roommates are same-gender. In the case of hallway double rooms and hallway single rooms where bathrooms are shared between eight or nine people on the same floor, each floor has a mix of all-gender and gender-specific bathrooms. All common spaces are all-gender.

Alcohol is permitted in designated locations within each facility for students who are 18 years or older. Students 18 and over may keep and consume alcohol in their rooms only if they live in an area designated for that activity. We also have alcohol-free suites — students can request this on their housing application. Alcohol cannot be consumed in the hallways or in any common spaces not designated as licensed social spaces.

Yes! On-campus housing has Wifi. In fact, Wifi is available across campus. In addition, each on-campus room has an Ethernet cable in their room if they prefer a wired connection.

No, furniture is included. While different buildings in residence may vary in the types of furniture provided, every student will have the furniture that they need for the school year. However, students will need to bring their own bedding. Photos and a listing of what’s provided in each room are available on the Housing Services website.

Depending which building you live in, certain appliances and electronics may be permitted while not in others. Major appliances are available to students living in all areas. You can find a list of what to bring and what not to bring on the Housing Services website. Small kitchen appliances and mini-fridges are not permitted in the University Hall housing In certain cases, mini-fridges may be permitted for medical reasons, but you will need to contact housing@uleth.ca for further clarification.

On the housing application, students will fill out a lifestyle survey to help Housing Services pair students who will be the best fit. However, sometimes people don't get along. There are a number of resources in place and available for students who are having difficulties with their roommates.

  1. Roommate contracts are in place that roommates fill out together to facilitate discussion and decisions about things like cleaning responsibilities, sharing of food, and house etiquette.
  2. Residence assistants are trained in conflict resolution and available for students who need guidance or mediation in resolving a roommate conflict.
  3. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved, the residence assistant will advise the assistant for further steps in coming to a resolution.

Students are encouraged to take steps to resolve a conflict prior to submitting a room change request form. Learn more about roommates.

Students who live in on-campus housing are expected to clean their own rooms and apartments. In University Hall, housing staff clean hallway bathrooms and common spaces; however, residents are responsible for maintaining clean personal space. Students who live in suites and apartments are responsible for sharing the cleaning responsibilities among the residents of their unit. Monthly room inspections ensure that students are cleaning their personal spaces and maintaining sanitary living conditions. At the start of the semester, roommates are required to collectively fill out a roommate contract where they discuss and agree on how they will handle cleaning responsibilities. (e.g., build a cleaning schedule, assign duties, etc.). Once signed, this is a binding agreement that will be referenced should any issues arise.

Students who live in on-campus housing may have a visitor stay for up to two consecutive nights if they receive approval from their roommates (if applicable) and their Residence Assistant prior to the visit. Students will need to submit a guest registry form to Housing Services for approval prior to their guest arriving on campus. Learn more about guests in residence.

'R.A.' stands for residence assistant. Residence assistants are students in their 2nd year or higher of university who live in residence. Every section has at least two R.A.'s who specifically focus on the students living in their designated area. They are supportive and approachable peer leaders for all residence students. They are trained in emergency response and mental health first aid, coordinate fun social events, and uphold and enforce the policies in the Residence Community Handbook. R.A.s develop, foster, manage, and protect their inclusive community through social and educational events, programming, opportunities, and everyday interactions. They ensure their residents have the opportunity to:

  • Be active and contributing member
  • Be healthy in mind and body
  • Feel safe and comfortable
  • Achieve academic, personal, and professional success

R.A.'s also act as a liaison between their residents, the Organization of Residence Students executive and council, and Housing Services. Learn more about the role of an R.A.

Yes, there certain times when excessive noise is not permitted in rooms, hallways and common spaces. Regular semester quiet hours are Sunday to Thursday from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from midnight to 7 a.m. During exams, quiet hours are in place 22 hours per day.


Please visit Housing Services website at FAQ Page for more answers to often asked questions. You can also visit Housing Services social media pages @officialulethhousing for up-to-date information on upcoming on-campus housing happenings. You can also reach out to Housing Services directly here.