BA (Music)

Bachelor of Arts (Music)

Pursue music with our classical conservatory-driven program where you combine your passion for music as you build your program around your diverse interests.

The major in music is a broad, general program of study. As a student you complete a core of required music courses and then can choose electives based on your areas of interest. You can choose to focus on scholarly and written work without requiring a high level of musical performance skills, although a degree of facility on an instrument is recommended.

This major includes initial study in music history and theory courses, and may include applied music instruction in:

  • Studio courses
  • Ensemble activity courses
  • Conducting

Students will tailor their program depending on their interests in one or more areas such as history, theory, classical and/or contemporary music.

What Can I Do With My Major?



Know your calendar year

Remember that program requirements vary depending on the calendar year, which is usually the year of admission to uLethbridge. Therefore requirements may differ from year to year, even within the same major.

For questions about this or changing calendar years speak with an advisor.




A minor is a good way to complement your major, have your interests in another subject area recognized on your official transcript, and expand your employment opportunities. It is an optional component of your degree program that requires a smaller number of courses to complete.

See An Advisor for more information about this.