First Aid Kits & Defibrillators

First Aid Kits and Defibrillators

First aid kits and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are located in each building in most administrative areas. Please take a moment to orientate yourself to the first aid kit and AED nearest you and a person in the area who is trained to administer first aid/trained in AED use.

For more information about our First Aid Program please visit Risk and Safety Services
Please note when the AED housing is accessed it will emit a very high alarm.

If you are unsure, please call Security Services via ext 2603 from a house phone or 403 329 2603. It is also advisable to request a review of these issues at your next departmental meeting and ask for this to be a yearly item on your department’s agenda. For additional medical emergency information see Security Services


Post-Incident Responsibilities

Should you provide first aid or need to use a first aid kit or AED, reports must be submitted to Risk & Safety Services for all incidents and injuries, regardless of the severity. Please contact your supervisor after an incident in order to communicate the incident appropriately, have the first aid kits restocked by the department and/or ensure communication of unsafe situations to the appropriate personnel.